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ARTIST: Lou Pardini
ALBUM: Look The Other Way
LABEL: Galaxy Records
YEAR: 1998

LINEUP: Lou Pardini - lead vocals, keyboards, drums * Buzz Feiten, James Harrah - guitars * Vail Johnson, John Patitucci - bass * Steve Dublin - drums * Scott Mayo, Dave Boruff - sax * Sid Sham, Scott Mayo, Mindi Stein, Rose Stone, Alfie Silas, Howard McCarry, Olivia McCarkle, Bunny Hull, Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Better Late Than Never * 02 We've Got So Far To Go * 03 Love Is A Hurtin' Thing * 04 Time Out For Love * 05 I'll Always Be There * 06 Look The Other Way * 07 Place In My Heart * 08 Method To The Madness * 09 How Can I Stop Loving You * 10 I Just Had To Fall * 11 Take It Away * 12 What Might Have Been



He is probably best known now as the keyboard-vocalist in the band Chicago. Lou took over the role vacated by Bill Champlin back in 2009, and truth be told, Lou is tailor-made for that band.

Before that however, Lou Pardini had a solo career, and was also a member of jazz fusion outfit Koinonia, and his west coast flavoured soft rock in the vein of Bobby Caldwell and other greats in this sub-genre, is just awesome. As mentioned earlier in another review about Al Jarreau, we need to investigate this sub-genre very deeply.

The Songs

If you need to unwind on a Friday night with a bottle of smooth vino and a good woman on your arm, then the songs on 'Look The Other Way' will do the trick, and you'll be in the good books for sure. Hot damn!

It's gorgeous stuff all round, and the cruisy sounds kick off from track one with 'Better Late Than Never'. I'm hooked already! I won't go into too much detail with this CD, it really is killer stuff for what it is. If you're into this genre of music, then you won't need any convincing. But if I can add some of my highlights.

'Time Out For Love' melts with marshmallow-like melodia, so too 'I'll Always Be There', which is so featherweight intense. Lou increases the funk quotient with 'Look The Other Way', so too the vibrant 'Method To The Madness'. I loved the heartwarming ballad 'I Just Had To Fall' which really is a product of the 80's, and I guess you could add 'Take It Away' to that list too.

Lou's best known song 'What Might Have Been' also appeared on his 1996 CD 'Live And Let Live', which was released specifically for the Japanese market. Here, Lou sounds a bit like Richard Page.

In Summary

There's not a lot in terms of energy or hi-tech style. No, this is just smooth and beautiful cruisy west coast. No wonder this bloke got the gig with Chicago. He's that good, really.

If you like Bobby Caldwell, Soleil Moon, Richard Page or even the stuff from his previous band Koinonia, then you should investigate Lou Pardini's 'Look The Other Way' with absolute assurance from Glory Daze.


Better Late Than Never

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