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ALBUM: Evidence
LABEL: Escape Music
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Craig Zurba - keyboards * Andre Kunkel - bass * Troy Reid - lead vocals, drums, guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 One World * 02 Never Forget * 03 Don't Let Me Know * 04 Heart In My Mind * 05 Human Condition * 06 Somebody * 07 Speaking In Tongues * 08 Just Say Tonight * 09 Maybe It's Time * 10 Pefect Heart * 11 She Wants Blood


Most followers of Canadian AOR will be aware of Vancouver based band Agent. They were active during the early 80's, with Zurba, Kunkel, guitarist Bob Smart and singer Rick Livingstone forming, and then signing with Virgin Canada.

That debut deal wasn't so successful for Agent, but Zurba and Kunkel carried on with songwriting activity, and eventually pulled Agent back out of the archived memory-banks.

In 1996, they combined with multi-instrumentalist Troy Reid, to reissue 'Agent' that year, then release a brand new CD in 1998 called 'Evidence'.

Depending which side of the fence you sit, sone of you will enjoy the first Agent record more than this, or vice versa.

The Songs

The music on 'Evidence' sounds like a by-product of the late 80's, where other Canuck bands such as Paradox, GNP and Diamond In The Rough were releasing similar sounding material.

In Summary

No matter, it's a pre-requisite that you need both Agent albums in your collection, and if your Ebay searches draw up both Escape Music CD's for sale, then hopefully you can aquire these both rather cheaply.

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