Bad Habit - 1998 Adult Orientation

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ARTIST: Bad Habit
ALBUM: Adult Orientation
SERIAL: 199660
YEAR: 1998
CD REISSUE: 2005, King Records (Japan), KICP 1114


LINEUP: Bax Fehling - lead and backing vocals * Sven Cirnski - lead guitar * Hal Johnston - electric and acoustic guitar * Patrik Sodergren - bass * Jaime Salazar - drums

Additional Musicians: Christer Hermodsson - keyboards, programming * Sara Heurlin - guest backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shine Your Light On Me * 02 Heart Of Mine * 03 Everytime I See You * 04 Miss It When It's Gone * 05 If I Could Do It All Again * 06 Lost Without You * 07 Suddenly * 08 When The Sun Goes Down * 09 Hard Rain Fallin' *10 Make It Easy * 11 Makin' The Headlines * 12 Girl * 13 Forever * 14 I Live For You (bonus)



I've always had a soft spot for Swedish band Bad Habit. They were right at the heart of the late 80's Scandi scene, with two notable releases from that era: 'Young And Innocent (EP)' and the 1989 full-length debut 'After Hours'.

I didn't really touch their 90's stuff, side-stepping instead to their releases during the 2000's. 2010's 'Atmosphere' was rather good.

Here, I've decided to go back to the past, revisiting their fourth album 'Adult Orientation', the band at this point signed to (then) popular German label MTM Music.

Long gone are the perm hair-threads and blonde highlights and flashy 80's gear. Sporting shortened hair and young Dad like clothes, the band have certainly matured.

The Songs

Some had likened them to a boy-band, an unfortunate trend of the late 90's, but musically, Bad Habit were still generating interesting music in the melodic rock mould, if a little safe and sanitized, but still worth a listen.

The Japanese fans loved this band, which saw the album receive its own release over there through Pony Canyon, including in later years - a rare 2005 reissue with a bonus track from the Nexus label.

There's the standard mix of ballads and melodic rockers, and yes, there might be a little bit of samey-ness in places, but as a 1998 release, it still sounds good decades later, the production in particular. Mind you, I am listening to a high-quality recording of this.

In Summary

A good album to go back and spend a little bit of time with, as I have done this week.

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