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ALBUM: Listen To The Light
SERIAL: 199654
YEAR: 1998
CD REISSUE: Reissue List


LINEUP: Zeno Roth - guitars, bass, drums, keyboards * Michael Flexig - lead vocals * C.C. Behrens - drums (#14, 15, 16) * Andrea Schwarz, Keith Ellis, Michael Flexig, Naoko Goto, Zeno Roth - choir vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Goddess Of Sunrise * 02 Love In Your Eyes * 03 I Would Die For You * 04 Meet Me At The Rainbow * 05 Light Of The Morning * 06 Follow The Wind * 07 Listen To The Light * 08 Luna And Mercury (Instr) * 09 Some Rocks Don't Roll *10 Eden Of Fire * 11 Tomorrow Arise * 12 Rainforest Tears (Instr) * 13 Sunset In Paradise (Instr) * 14 Walking On A Thin Line (1987) * 15 World Of Tomorrow (1987) * 16 Time (1988)



'Zeno' Roth (a.k.a Hans Joachim Roth) is a popular German guitarist and musician who has released several albums under the Zeno banner since 1986.

Signed to EMI under audacious circumstances in 1984, Zeno was eventually dropped by the label in 1987 after lack-lustre sales of the 'Zeno' LP during the previous year.

Zeno (the band) eventually folded in 1988, but the talented musician continued on however, writing many new songs which remained unreleased, until his 1995 'Zenology' CD came out, featuring much of that material.

Now back in vogue, Zeno signed to MTM Music for his third CD 'Listen To The Light' which came out in 1998.

The Songs

This was an album of new music, containing thirteen new tracks (three of which were instrumental), plus three additional bonus tracks from the 1987-1988 period.

As can be expected, it's all very exotic and mystical. Like melodic rock being played at a Yoga Retreat.

The music style and song-titles should all be a huge giveaway. My highlights include the fast paced 'Meet Me At The Rainbow', the equally brisk 'Follow The Wind', and the melodius 'Love In Your Eyes', a track which sounds totally and utterly framed in the mid 80's.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is much to choose from. The production is stellar, and the vocals from Michael Flexig are wonderful.

In Summary

Zeno returned with more new material in the 2000's including 'Zenology II' and 'Runway To The Gods'. I wonder if he ever attempted writing music for soundtracks? He'd be ideal.

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