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ARTIST: Breaks, The
ALBUM: The Breaks
YEAR: 1983


LINEUP: Susanne Jerome Taylor - vocals * Pat Taylor - guitars, Tom Ward - keyboards * Rob Caudill - bass * Russ Caudill - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 She Wants You * 02 You Stole My Heart * 03 Don't Mislead Me * 04 Fire In The Wire * 05 Green Eyes * 06 Wishy Washy * 07 I Play The Fool * 08 Lonely Girls * 09 Keeping The Love Alive * 10 The Last To Know


Pat Taylor is a long serving guitarist on the Memphis scene. A few months back, Eric reviewed the D Beaver And Combinations LP.

Well, Pat makes an appearance on that album. Winding forward nearly ten years, Pat and Susanne Jerome Taylor (a surefire 80's hottie if ever there was one!) combined with the Caudill brothers and keyboardist Tom Ward to form The Breaks.

The band land fairly and squarely into AOR territory, with their Scandal like sound and edgy image.

The Taylors would 'break' from The Breaks to become Drama two years later.

You can spot a video on You Tube for 'She Wants You'.


She Wants You

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