Restless - 1998 Alone In The Dark

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ARTIST: Restless
ALBUM: Alone In The Dark
SERIAL: 199661
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Roger Sommers - lead VOCALS, guitar * Michael Lord - keyboards * Jason Orme, Jac Mandel - guitar * Scott Polluck, Bruffie Brigham, Chuck Wright - bass * Danny Lux, Mark Bennett - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Guilty * 02 Alone In The Dark * 03 Don't Do It To Me * 04 Lightnin' Strikes * 05 In Your Eyes * 06 Leavin' You * 07 Keep The Fire Burning * 08 Painted Lady * 09 I Don't Wanna Want You *10 Body To Body * 11 Feels Like Love * 12 Willing


Some of you may recall the hallowed pages of AOR Boulevard; that fantastic fanzine put together by Mark Ashton and Bruce Mee.

Some of those editions made mention of the band Freelance, which was the vehicle for the multi-talented Roger Sommers.

The band had most of their demos released in the AOR underground, but their arrival upon the consciousness of melodic rock fans was ill-timed, considering the grunge movement was just around the corner.

Some of those demos eventually made their way to a posthumous CD, released several years later by MTM Music under the banner: Restless.

The Songs

Much like other MTM releases around this timeframe (I'm talking Stun Leer, Sunshine Jive and Big Bad Wolf), these albums were recorded well before 1998, so the MTM guys were obviously trawling the archives looking for material which would be a good fit for their label.

No two ways about it - Restless-Freelance released some decent stuff in the mould of White Sister, House Of Lords and Isom, and that means.. Big keyboard laden hair-sprayed melodic rock straight out of Los Angeles.

I recall those demos quite fondly, but to be fair, listening to these in 1998 it was like someone let the air out of their balloon. The songs not having the same impact as they did nearly a decade before.

Still, songs like 'Guilty', 'Don't Do It To Me' and 'Painted Lady' still manage to chew on my ear everytime I listen to them.

In Summary

Restless-Freelance are safely confined to the history books, and it's good that we mention them here as a footnote upon the late 80's L.A metal-hard rock scene, where they were a contender among many other fine acts.

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