Pink Cream 69 - 1998 Electrified


ARTIST: Pink Cream 69
ALBUM: Electrified
LABEL: Digital Dimension
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: David Readman - vocals * Alfred Koffler - guitars * Dennis Ward - bass * Kosta Zafiriou - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shame * 02 Stranger In Time * 03 Break The Silence * 04 Electrified * 05 Over The Fire * 06 Losing My Faith * 07 Higher Kind Of Love * 08 Burn Your Soul * 09 Rocket Ride * 10 Best For You * 11 Gone Again * 12 Gone Again (Alt version)



Pink Cream 69 came to prominence with their self titled debut featuring the brilliant 'One Step Into Paradise'. Two more albums followed before original vocalist Andi Deris left to take up vocal duties with fellow Germans Helloween.

In stepped David Readman. PC69 also decided on a change of musical direction towards a modern sound. This change was not welcomed by many fans.

With their sixth album 'Electrified', PC69 have returned to their melodic roots, and what a welcome return it is. Combining elements of their debut and third release 'Games People Play', this multinational act has created a superb slice of heavy melodic rock.

The Songs

From the opening strains of 'Shame', with it's soaring guitar lines and power chorus, you are left in no doubt that Dennis and the boys are back with a vengeance.

'Break The Silence', 'Over The Fire' and 'Burn Your Soul' are fierce while retaining the great choruses that are constant throughout this album. Title track 'Electrified' has a cool funky feel.

'Higher Kind Of Love', 'Losing My Faith' and 'Best For You' are strong, mid- tempo rockers.

'Rocket Ride', and the amazing 'Gone Again' showcase PC69's ballad-writing abilities.

In Summary

There are no traces of the previous attempts at a more modern approach. Alfred Koffler delivers a splendid performance on guitar with fist-pumping riffs and blazing solo's. Dennis and Kosta provide their usual solid back beat.

The star, however, is vocalist David Readman. What a stunning voice. I could listen to him all day. Andi Deris is a fine singer, but David really does fit the material perfectly.

It doesn't matter which register, either high or low, David hits the mark every time. The vocal control is magnificent. Before hearing this album I had heard it was a return to past glories. Well, it's true.

'Electrified' is choc full of standout songs and musicianship. Definitely one of the strongest albums to have emerged in the past few years. Welcome back lads, we certainly missed you.

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