Judge Parker - 1998 Judge Parker


ARTIST: Judge Parker
ALBUM: Judge Parker
LABEL: Court Records
SERIAL: 634479305092
YEAR: 1998


LINEUP: Larry Pearson - vocals, acoustic guitar * Arthur Pearson - guitars * Robert Takatch - bass * Victor Lukenbaugh - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Still She Does * 02 Louisiana Rain * 03 Sweet Delta Water * 04 Goin' Gone * 05 Baby's Blues * 06 Slow Down Irene * 07 The Price Of An Education * 08 My Missouri * 09 Elvis And Jerry Lee * 10 The Traveller



Judge Parker hail from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their name was taken from a certain Judge Isaac C. Parker who was bought into Fort Smith to preside over the Arkansas and Oklahoma States. He was known as the hanging judge.

Enough of the history lesson, Judge Parker started way back in 1988 by the Pearson brothers, Larry and Arthur with the help of Enid, Oklahoma native Victor Lukenbaugh on drums, (who by the way helps out on the drums with Black Oak Arkansas, when Johnny Bolin is unavailable) and Robert Takatch on bass.

They have released 3 CD's on their own label: Court Records. And it is their 1998 debut that I shall review.

The Songs

The opener is 'She Still Does', the country influence is highly evident here, along with some Allman Brothers thrown in for good measure.

Next up is 'Louisiana Rain' which has a nice up-tempo beat and some violin, reminding me of The Kentucky Headhunters.

The band has cleverly arranged this CD with slow to mid paced songs then followed by fast paced rockers.

The Southern Rock, Country and Blues, shines like Haley's Comet on this CD, and it suits their style.

'Slow Down Irene' about a teenage girl living life in the fast lane, following on from this is one of my favourites, 'The Price Of An Education'. This is not an all out rocker by a long shot, but I found the lyrics very meaningful and into todays world very pertinent.

Larry Pearson has a voice that is as smooth as a fine malt whiskey, hitting those high notes when needed.

Next up is 'My Missouri'. When I hear this song, I have to sit down and just take it all in and savour it. Fabulous is how I would describe it.

My least favourite is 'Elvis And Jerry Lee' perhaps it reminds me of honky tonk jive.

For the finale we have 'The Traveller' this is where the band excel, I just love the arrangement of this song.

In Summary

You can't pigeonhole Judge Parker as just a Southern Rock band, just because they come from Arkansas.

They are a mixed bag, a bit of Country, Blues and Southern all thrown together into one big melting pot.

Larry Pearson writes songs about the blue-collar worker, veterans and the struggles in life we all have to face. And he writes them well.

I am glad I found out about this band, 13 years too late I hasten to add, but fans of the Allman Brothers, Kentucky Headhunters, Brother Phelps and The Charlie Daniels Band should check them out.

Again, as far as I am aware this CD is now only available as a download. But if you are like me and hate downloads it will be worthwhile contacting the band via Facebook to see if they are still available on disc.

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