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ARTIST: Frozen Tears
ALBUM: Silence Of The Night
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Thanis Akritidis - vocals * John Powers - guitars, keyboards, bass * Steve Sisma - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Let Down * 02 Silence Of The Night * 03 Will I Ever * 04 It's Over * 05 One More Time * 06 Do You Love Me? * 07 Wounded Man * 08 Strutter * 09 Warriors * 10 Fire Still Burns For U * 11 Never * 12 Who's Going To Love U * 13 Love Can Be Real * 14 One More Time (Hercules Mix) * 15 Drift Away


There is some mention of this band in the press as being an AOR band. Perhaps the monicker suggests this is the case, but I'm not sure I agree with this tag.

Fairly heavy handed effort by this Melbourne trio, who judging by the liner notes, have some pretty impressive friends in the biz, well Thanis does anyway. And good on him!

And good on him also for getting this 15 track effort, all 72 minutes worth, out on CD. I always admire someone for making an effort in the music industry, otherwise I wouldn't have a job reviewing this album!

The Songs

Anyway, onto 'Silence Of The Night' the album.

There's a lot of 80's style metal here, a la Leatherwolf, Kiss etc. Fairly stereotypical but melodic nonetheless.

Thanis' vocals veer into Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo) copyisms most of the time, and the theme of the album alternates between those tracks which are metal/rock oriented, and those which have a slower ballad/accoustic leaning.

I quite liked the accoustic flavoured 'One More Time' which has some subtle keyboard layers happening in the background.

'Do You Love Me?' alternates between a slow verse and fast chorus but it does work, some nice cranked up guitar on this one.

There's a cover of the Kiss standard 'Strutter' where it seems Kiss are a big influence on Thanis.

The piano based 'Wounded Man' is good too, but takes a while to cut to the chase.

Apart from the banal lyrics, the track 'Warriors' sounds similar to Swedish bands Norden Light or Crystal Blue, melodic with a driving organ based sound. Not bad.

'Fire Still Burns For U' plods a bit, but the musical structure is OK.

'Never' is a throwback to the 80's, sort of like TNT meets Leatherwolf on Rodeo Drive at 1am in the morning! I think you get the picture.

In Summary

AOR in the strictest sense it ain't. Melodic hard rock with an 80's angle is what we get here. Good for what it is, but a classic release as has been touted? Ummm.. no, worth getting only for it's indie status.

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