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ARTIST: Pretty Maids
ALBUM: Spooked
LABEL: Massacre
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Ronnie Atkins - vocals * Ken Hammer - guitars * Ken Jackson - bass * Michael Fast - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Resurrection (Intro) * 02 Freakshow * 03 Dead Or Alive * 04 Die With Your Dreams * 05 Fly Me Out * 06 Live Until It Hurts * 07 Spooked * 08 Twisted * 09 If It Can't Be Love * 10 Never Too Late * 11 Your Mind Is Where The Money Is * 12 Hard Luck Woman * 13 The One That Should Not Be



Perhaps at the heavy end of the spectrum are the Pretty Maids, but I for one have always appreciated their brand of no nonsense melodic rock, not withstanding that they come from Denmark!

I have most of their stuff and think this one is right up there with the best of them. Frantic guitar attack, double kick drums galore and a smattering of keyboards from guest keyboardist (and former member) Alan Owen.

The Songs

'Spooked' kicks off with a keyboard intro that Alan Owen is famous for, part gothic, and part sci-fi, before the track 'Freakshow' blasts into hyperspace.

'Die With Your Dreams' has a Yngwie Malmsteen/Brazen Abbot feel to it and is musically superb.

Pomp overload kicks in on 'Live Until It Hurts'. Sure the heavy guitars are there but there's lots of parpy keys even Europe's Mic Michaeli would be proud of.

The obligatory ballads also put an appearance in, in the name of 'If It Can't Be Love' and the rather awesomely trippy 'Hard Luck Woman' penned by our favourite Kiss'ster Paul Stanley.

In Summary

Still as heavy as ever, with the familiar Pretty Maids trademarks, and just as popular now too with rock fans worldwide judging by the responses and correspondence across the Internet.

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