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ARTIST: De Pinto
ALBUM: De Pinto
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: John De Pinto - vocals * Tony Boccitto - keyboards * Gino Del Sole - guitars * Robert Drelini - drums, percussion

Additional Musicians: Judi Jansen, Gary Breit, Kevin Breit, Stacey Ginou - backing vocals * Tom Dimakarakos - acoustic guitars

TRACK LISTING: 01 Playing The Game * 02 Leaving You Now * 03 Mother's Touch * 04 Suddenly * 05 Painted Lady * 06 Chance Of Chances * 07 Make Me Believe * 08 Coming Around * 09 Puppet On A String * 10 One Last Kiss


I recently went through all of my 1997 file shares, looking for something to review. This band ended up winning the award.

As you all know with my written rantings over the years, 1997 was the nadir of melodic rock. How our favourite genre of music managed to survive during this era I will never know.

De Pinto came into my orbit thanks to a download from a popular melodic rock blog a few years ago. From Toronto Canada, the band is named after lead singer John De Pinto.

The Songs

Unofrtunately the ten songs assembled here are guaranteed to put you to sleep, especially those through the middle of the album. It started off with a rocker, but gradually turned into a ballad snooze fest after that.

The production didn't help either, which is a shame because De Pinto has a pretty good voice. I thought they sounded similar to a band I wrote about years ago: Band Central Station, but not as good.

In Summary

If you are doing a deep dive into 1997, then you can probably give this album a miss. Don't be fooled into paying a fortune for this from some unscrupulous Ebay seller. $5 tops.

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