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ARTIST: Monkey See
ALBUM: Monkey See
LABEL: Tokuma (Japan)
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: David Rusland - lead and backing vocals * Cam Bell - guitars, backing vocals * Bill Lamont - keyboards, backing vocals * Dave O'Leary - bass, backing vocals * Fil Beorchia - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 What You Give * 02 Monkey Business * 03 Tough Guys * 04 It's You * 05 Eight Seconds After Love * 06 Silently She Cries * 07 Mindless Babble * 08 Wish Me Well * 09 Show Me The Way * 10 Was It The Woman * 11 Living In Twilight * 12 Bandaid Solution


I first heard about Monkey See way back in the early 90's, it may have been a small article in one of the early versions of the Boulevard fanzine, not quite sure. From Ontario Canada, these guys wear their melodic hard rock stripes like a badge of honour.

They have a hair metal edge, but mostly it's melodic hard rock that'll you'll hear with this lot. You can compare these guys to fellow Canucks White Heat, Syre, maybe also Loverboy and Honeymoon Suite at a pinch.

David Rusland is the vocalist and he's high-flying most of the way with some soaring notes. In places he sounds like the guy from Swedish outfit Masquerade when they were a hard rock band.

Initially released as an import CD on Fandango Records, the album was re-released by Japanese label Tokuma in 1997.

The Songs

A handful of songs immediately stand out for me.

The opener 'What You Give', 'Eight Second Love Affair' and the AOR tastic 'Living In Twilight' are definite contenders for best picks on the CD.

'Tough Guys' has a Loverboy feel to it, while 'Wish Me Well' is another excellent rocker with a pulsing bass line and cool keyboard/organ parts.

Monkey See throw their hand at slower/ballad like material such as 'It's You' and 'Show Me The Way', while a couple of gimmicky sounding tracks such as 'Monkey Business' and 'Mindless Babble' don't quite come off.

In Summary

Some good musicianship on display here, guitarist Cam Bell has some excellent chops while Bill Lamont compliments the band with some nice keyboard touches.

By the time the CD found it's audience, it was probably about ten years too late, but it was good that it did eventually get released, even though it has been long out of print.

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