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ARTIST: Loud And Clear
ALBUM: Loud And Clear
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1997
CD REISSUE: 1997, Avalon (Japan), MICY-1030


LINEUP: Jess Harnell - lead and backing vocals * Chuck Duran - all guitars, backing vocals * Mark Allardyce - bass, backing vocals * Craig Shaw - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Always Just Beyond * 02 Simple Girls * 03 Being Here * 04 I'm In Love * 05 Kool Kind Of Look * 06 Love Is Too Demanding * 07 Wardance * 08 Oh, Jane * 09 Gonna Make A Man Out Of You * 10 Summer Love

More recently, this band have developed a second life as the outfit Rock Sugar. Their mashup album at the start of the year 'Reimaginator' caused a few eyebrows to be raised.

However, leaving the mashup distraction behind for a few minutes, I think you'll find the genuine article being Loud And Clear, with a view to being Journey disciples already well established in melodic rock circles.

Formed in 1990, many underground traders will recall the Loud And Clear demos circulating as far back as 1991, the band even being interviewed in Boulevard magazine at the time.

The Songs
However, it wouldn't be until later in the decade that Jess Harnell and the boys would release these demos as an official but self-released CD in 1997, which would then be followed up by a more lavish CD reissue by Avalon Japan later that year.

Certainly, tracks such as 'Love Waits', 'Candle In The Window', 'Waiting For The Roar', the Triumph like ballad 'Hold On' or even the magnificent 'I Wanna Rock With You' with its shades of Def Leppard all reek of the best early 90's material coming out of Los Angeles pre and post grunge.

In Summary
Loud And Clear would release another CD in 2002 called 'Disc Connected', while Jess Harnell would release a 1998 solo CD for the Japanese market.

To my way of thinking, Loud And Clear are a far superior brand of melodic rock than the gimmick that is Rock Sugar, and a refresher course listening to this album reinforces that view even more.

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