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ARTIST: Paul Bliss
ALBUM: The Edge Of Coincidence
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1997

LINEUP: Paul Bliss - vocals, keyboards

Guests: Susie Benson (Track 4), Micky Feat (Track 9), Jackie Rawe (Track 13), Ian Palmer (Track 14) - lead vocals * Phil Palmer - guitars * Sharon Campbell - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 One In A Million * 02 Castles On Quicksand * 03 How Do I Survive * 04 Magical Pictures * 05 Chicago * 06 Rio * 07 I Used To Love The Radio * 08 Heartache To Heartache * 09 Valiant Heart * 10 The Eyes Of A Child * 11 Hand On Your Heart * 12 Unsung Heroes * 13 If Love Is Out Of The Question * 14 Telepathy * 15 Law Of The Jungle * 16 Innocent Eyes


Trainspotters here will recognise Paul Bliss' name from several fronts. First, he's a fairly accomplished songwriter. Some of his tunes have been made popular by other artists/acts. Secondly, the late 70's saw a couple of releases under the banner of the Bliss Band. 'Neon Smiles' and 'Dinner At Raouls'. Both worth obtaining.

Then we've got this album which sticks out in 1997 like a shining beacon in a dark tunnel. 'The Edge Of Coincidence' is a compliation of tracks that have been written from the early 80's onward.

All of them were recorded back in the day, and though there was a temptation to re-record them, Bliss did not want to lose the atmosphere of the original recordings as they were made.

The Songs

Joining him on most of these tracks is his Bliss Band guitarist Phil Palmer plus a selection of lead singers who contribute to the songs. A couple of songs are familiar to me already.

'Castles On Quicksand' is one that has been performed by the duo of Peter Beckett and Steve Kipner as Think Out Loud, while 'If Love Is Out Of The Question' will be very familiar to supporters of superdiva Celine Dion, this version sung by Jackie Rawe, who does a great job.

Other standouts include the mighty 'One In A Million', a surefire copycat for the style of Tim Feehan, and the lovely 'Chicago' with a vocal performance that melts the heart in the way that Canadian Ian Thomas used to do.

West Coast fans will absolutely love the smooth 'Heartache To Heartache', or even the 80's flavour of 'How Do I Survive', which emits all the vibe from those many L.A sessions where hundreds of top albums were recorded.

In Summary

Not a weak moment here, a West Coast delight from start to finish. In more recent times, Bliss has been the regular keyboard player for the Moody Blues, and continues to be an active participant in the classic rock scene.

For fans of West Coast, plus singer/songwriter keyboard guys like Randy Goodrum, 'The Edge Of Coincidence' is an album you should acquire in confidence.

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