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ARTIST: Millenium
ALBUM: Millenium
SERIAL: 199639
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: J.Todd Plant - vocals * Ralph Santolla - guitar, keyboards * Sean Phillips - rhythm guitar * Wayne Koho - bass * Oliver Hanson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Together As One * 02 Believe In Love * 03 Marianne * 04 Come Back * 05 Almost Made It To Heaven * 06 Hold On * 07 Gabriella * 08 Gonna Let You Go * 09 Invincible


I remember hearing these guys back in 2000 when Jorn Lande was singing for them. Their album from that year 'Hourglass' was a very cool CD, and contained some awesome songs. Remember 'Superstar'?

Well, on this particular CD we're reviewing, we are winding the clock back to their debut effort three years earlier. A slightly different lineup with only guitar supremo Ralph Santolla and drummer Oliver Hanson being the only original members.

At the time, the band had picked up a deal with MTM Music, who were the pinnacle of melodic hard rock labels back then - my god how times have changed!

Millenium were a Florida based outfit who had a really good sound, based around the extremely talented guitarist Ralph Santolla.

There's a little bit of Harem Scarem, plus newer bands such as Talon and Far Cry also sound as if they've read off the same page.

The Songs

An unusual start for the band with 'Together As One' coming at you with a staggered half speed tempo, the track lining heaps of anthemic vocal harmonies. It has a TNT vibe without the OTT vocals of Tony Harnell.

'Believe In Love' edges very close to the aforementioned Harem Scarem, particularly on those choruses, while Santolla tantalises with some tasty lead guitar.

Continuing in the Scarem direction, 'Marianne' is another dose of melodic pop metal that sticks in the head.

There's nothing really wrong with 'Come Back', but it didn't resonate with me, despite the simplistic shout-out chorus and (again) some decent solos from Ralph. Likewise with 'Hold On'.

Halfway through the album and the first ballad 'Almost Made It To Heaven' gets its first airing. Todd Plant is a reasonable frontman and his style is much like Jeff Scott Soto on this one.

The euro-AOR of 'Gabriella' is awful, and the production isn't the best either.

Millenium try to get back to basics with 'Gonna Let You Go', but this sounds like paint-by-numbers melodic rock, not convincing at all.

I was hopeful that the last track 'Invincible' might return some favours, but not to be.

In Summary

In comparing 'Millenium' with 'Hourglass', I would have to opt for the latter. The vocal control of Lande is slightly ahead of Todd Plant.

The production on this one (as mentioned) isn't the best, despite some good playing from Santolla.

Give this CD its due - there are one or two good tracks ('Believe In Love' and 'Marianne') but the rest, err no. Pull out 'Hourglass' instead for a bit of Millenium styled rock.

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