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ARTIST: Kevin McCourt
ALBUM: Colour Of The Truth
SERIAL: 75235
YEAR: 1997

LINEUP: Kevin McCourt - vocals, keyboards, background vocals * Duane Harlick - guitar, background vocals * Tom Kolb, Michael Landau - guitar * Gerald Albright - saxophone * Dan Fornero, Nick Lane, Brandon Fields - horns * Bill Meyers - keyboards * Gerry 'The Gov' Brown, Randy Drake - drums * Lillain Tynes Perry, Alfie Silas, Marva Hicks, Sally Dworsky, Sheldon Reynolds - background vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Burning Alive * 02 Color Of The Truth * 03 Take The Time * 04 Waiting Here For You * 05 Only A Thought Away * 06 Here And Now (Wisdom From Captain Jack) * 07 What You Give Away * 08 Shed My Skin * 09 Life In Black And White * 10 Life's Too Short * 11 What We Learn From Love * 12 Wherever Your Life Leads * 13 Better Way * 14 What's Done Is Done


I didn't think much of the 1997 year, music-wise. I thought it was a load of shit really! A couple of standouts considering (Frontline, Big Mouth, Flag), but yeah, a load of old tosh.

But here's one that stuck out in the West Coast sub-genre, that appears to be closely aligned to another artist in the same sub-genre, the excellent Bill Meyers. So if you liked Bill's previous work, then Kevin McCourt is right up your alley.

'Color of The Truth' was recorded in Kevin's home state of Michigan, but musically this lives and breathes California as if born to the western State by default. 'Color Of The Truth' inherits the same album title name and track previously played by Meyers on his 1990 album; both it would appear to be true exponents of the West Coast genre.

The Songs

McCourt includes fourteen tracks on his CD, and the line-up of musicians is fairly stellar if truth be told. The opening triumvirate of tunes are just so classy, superlatives don't actually mean anything with these three.

'Burning Alive' is such a slinky tune, something Michael McDonald would feel at home doing. Meyers fans will remember only too well 'The Color Of The Truth', McCourt in fact sang backing vocals on Bill's 1990 CD.

I love the tick-tock metronome of 'Take The Time', as it surges along the chronometer. A neat track. 'Nothing Here For You' is a track for Planet 3 and Chicago fans, particularly from a ballad perspective. Just lovely. McCourt adds a bit of bounce with 'Only A Thought Away'. Slightly funky and fusiony too.

'Shed My Skin' keeps the funk quotient to the fore, but from here on in, the album falls away, with too many dreamy ballads that can send you to sleep in next to no time. Still very good, but not totally as convincing as the first three tracks.

In Summary

It would seem that McCourt's output was restricted to this, and one other album that I'm aware of: 2005's 'Under A Lilac Moon', but apart from that, nothing has been heard from him since.

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