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ARTIST: Gotthard
ALBUM: D Frosted
YEAR: 1997
CD REISSUE: 2009, Avalon (Japan), MICP-30014


LINEUP: Steve Lee - vocals * Marc Lynn - bass, vocals * Leo Leoni - guitars, vocals * Hena Habegger - drums * H P Bruggemann - keyboards * Mandy Meyer - guitars * Andy Pupato - percussion * Vic Vergat - guitars, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Sister Moon * 02 Out On My Own * 03 Father Is That Enough? * 04 Let It Be * 05 Hurry * 06 Hole In One * 07 Angel * 08 Love Soul Matter * 09 Sweet Little Rock N Roller * 10 Hush * 11 Someday * 12 One Life, One Soul * 13 Get Down * 14 Mountain Mama * 15 I'm On My Way



I'm going to just come out and say it - Gotthard are one of Europe's best ever rock bands and Steve Lee is possibly one of the best rock singers of all time.

Put Steve and Gotthard next to anyone and they will stand their ground. In a situation like 'D'frosted', live and acoustic, the band is in its element and gives a stunning performance.

The Songs

After three fantastic studio albums Gotthard did what most rock bands do and that is go acoustic.

Recorded, I understand, all around Europe we get to hear Gotthard in a more personal situation and it does feel that they are singing in your lounge room rather than an open-air arena.

Not only do they give us their brilliant ballad's 'Let It Be', 'Angel' (their best song ever, IMO), 'One Life, One Soul' and 'I'm On My Way', but we are also treated to stripped down versions of the rockers 'Mountain Mama', 'Hole In One', 'Get Down' and 'Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller' - great Hammond Organ work on this one.

On their debut there was the magnificent cover version of Deep Purple's 'Hush', and they do the business again on 'D'frosted' with a heavy acoustic version (is there such a thing?).

Among a few of the previously unheard songs is the fantastic ballad 'Love Soul Matter' - the acapella chorus at the end is a treat.

In Summary

Added to the four original members of Gotthard (Lee, Leoni, Lynn and Habegger) for 'D'Frosted' are the likes of Mandy Meyer (now a permanent member) and a few others who also give moving performances.

I've always wanted to see these guys live and 'D'frosted' just adds to the longing.

On the inside of the CD cover it says 'Gotthard and Friends', and that is exactly how it feels when listening to this - cosy, relaxed and very friendly.

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