Nocturnal Rites - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination

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ARTIST: Nocturnal Rites
ALBUM: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
LABEL: Century Media
SERIAL: 77208-2
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Anders Zackrisson - lead vocals * Nils Eriksson - bass * Nils Norberg - guitars * Fredrik Mannberg - guitars * Ulf Andersson - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Ring Of Steel * 02 Dark Secret * 03 Test Of Time * 04 Lost in Time * 05 The Vision * 06 Warrior's Return * 07 Change The World * 08 Pentagram * 09 Eye Of The Demon * 10 End Of The World * 11 The Curse * 12 Burn In Hell



I was down at my local music store browsing through the metal section when I came upon a copy of Nocturnal Rites 'Tales Of Mystery and Imagination'.

I'd never heard of them, and though the bands name had death metal connotations, it looked interesting and I decided to have a quick listen.

A quick listen turned into a purchase and 'Tales Of Mystery And Imagination' is now one of my favourite albums. When trying to explain their sound to a friend I said, 'it's like Europe playing Iron Maiden'.

The Songs

The reason I said that is due to the bands sound being clearly influenced by Maiden, but also in part to vocalist Anders Zackrisson sounding, at times, like Joey Tempest with a little more of an accent.

If you think I'm kidding, listen to 'Warrior's Return'. Being a big Tempest fan I was immediately hooked on Zackrisson's vocals. That's a good start as it is.

What's even better are the brilliant songs on offer. It's amazing to think these guys actually started out as a death metal band, and in their early teens. What grips you the most are the guitar melodies and choruses.

They're the type that stay with you for days. Most of the material is based along those strong melodic guitar lines and when the riffs come in it's NWOBHM all the way, done in the catchy way that only the Swede's know how to do.

'Tales Of Mystery and Imagination' is one of those albums you go from track to track realising you are listening to something very, very special. It is extremely great value with 12 tracks and is devoid of any fillers.

The formation of the track listing is excellent, flowing from full on rockers to moodier songs.

Though all the songs are of a high quality, the catchy 'Change The World' and brooding 'Test Of Time' are my personal faves. Zackrisson's vocals still give me chills and the lead work by guitarist Nils Norberg is very smooth and classy.

In Summary

Previously to this album Nocturnal Rites had released 'In A Time Of Blood And Fire'.

The music was similar to that of 'Tales Of Mystery and Imagination', but with lyrical content you'd expect on a death metal album.

Not a bad album, but the jump in quality from then to now is extraordinary.

I really can't get enough of Nocturnal Rites' second album and recommend it as an essential part of any melodic metal fans collection.

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