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ARTIST: Badfinger
ALBUM: Badfinger
LABEL: Eclipse Music
SERIAL: 64825
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Joey Molland - vocals, guitars
Rest Of Album Lineup - Unknown

TRACK LISTING: 01 Baby Blue * 02 No Matter What * 03 Day After Day * 04 Come And Get It * 05 Love Is Gonna Come At Last * 06 Suitcase * 07 I Don't Mind * 08 Sweet Tuesday Morning * 09 Without You * 10 Midnight Caller


Here's an oddball release of questionable merit. Supposedly Joey Molland, Badfinger's rhythm guitarist and vocalist was asked by the Canadian based Eclipse Music to fly to Nashville and sing some golden Badfinger tunes with local session players.

As the story goes Molland initially turned the offer down, but eventually gave in with the lure of the green stuff too hard to ignore.

Just who the session players are is unknown (even to Molland) and the photo of Joey circa 1973 is slightly deceptive on the labels part with Molland later disowning the project entirely.

Methinks thou dost protest too much since he had to have some inkling as to what was going on, but it is what it is although it's certainly not Badfinger.

The Songs

A quick glance at the track listing and all the biggies are here 'Baby Blue', 'Day After Day', 'Without You', plus lesser known cuts Like 'Suitcase' and 'Sweet Tuesday Morning'.

Molland can still carry a tune, but his age is starting to show and most of the material lacks excitement, in fact half way through the disc I was starting to zone out thinking of something else to play. Never a good sign especially considering I'm a silly fanboy when it comes to Badfinger.

Not only does the recording need a shot or two of adrenalin, the production is dreadful with an annoying drum sound that grates on me and just kills the mood on the softer material. Who mixed this damn thing?

In Summary

With all the tragedy and drama surrounding Badfinger through the years, this CD only adds to the mystery as to why this band and its members were, and still are it seems, plagued with bad decision making - this disc is a classic example.

I wish I didn't have to say it, but 'Badfinger' is nothing more than a waste of money and plastic.

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