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ARTIST: The Bridge
ALBUM: The Bridge (Demo)
LABEL: Northwind
YEAR: 1997

LINEUP: Ron Taylor - vocals * Drew Smith - guitars, keyboards, vocals * Earl Schreyer - bass * Tommy Stewart, Gary Sanchez, Ernie Pomeroy - drums * Jeff Quinonez - piano * Emily Flathers - violin

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dance Of Life * 02 These Same Skies * 03 Standing * 04 What She Said * 05 Faith In You * 06 Can't Pretend * 07 Where Do I Belong * 08 Turn Of The Century Girl * 09 Forgotten * 10 Stray * 11 What Real Love


This was one of the first promo discs I received back in my old 'Nightworks' web site days and I never got around to reviewing it. Nice guy eh? This is part of the reason I no longer request promos anymore because of a lack of time and patience, plus I don't want to feel obligated to review something I might not like after such a request.

Belated apologies to The Bridge and unlike some of the other stuff I received back then that I have either traded or threw out (yeah, there were a couple Thrash things - did they even bother looking at the site?), this disc was a keeper and finally twelve years later its time to give it a shot.

The Songs

Initially, the fact this was Lillian Axe related threw me off. Not a big fan of the metal/hair band thing they had going on, but The Bridge were an entirely different proposition.

Featuring former Lillian Axe vocalist Ron Taylor and multi-instrumentalist Drew Smith, acoustic driven pop is the order the day.

Going electric on cuts like the excellent 'These Same Skies' and 'Where Do I Belong', embellished by piano on 'Standing' and violin on the sublime 'Can't Pretend', albums like this can often put a listener to sleep.

Like some of the new age pop stuff that came out in the late '80s, but Taylor and Smith add enough variety to keep things interesting and their vocal harmonies are spot on.

Lowen and Navarro as well as Mark Spiro's 'Care Of My Soul' is a good point of reference, but The Bridge sound was innovative enough to separate them from much of what was and what wasn't happening at the time.

In Summary

From what I understand this disc was never officially for sale and Taylor was giving them away to any lucky fan or media type who asked for a copy.

In the end the duo lasted for just this one project and it's too bad they didn't pursue another release on a decent label as musically they had a lot of promise.

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