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ALBUM: Unleash The Beast
SERIAL: 0607686221-2
YEAR: 1997
CD REISSUE: 2007, SPV/Steamhammer, SPV 74192 CD (bonus tracks)


LINEUP: Biff Byford - vocals * Paul Quinn - guitars * Doug Scarrat - guitars * Nibbs Carter - bass * Nigel Glockler - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Gothic Dreams * 02 Unleash The Beast * 03 Terminal Velocity * 04 Circle Of Light * 05 The Thin Red Line * 06 Ministry Of Fools * 07 The Preacher * 08 Bloodletter * 09 Cut Out The Disease * 10 Absent Friends * 11 All Hell Breaking Loose



Still going strong after that many years, the boys that gave us denim and leather still pump out the albums. But rather than the dated sound you would expect, Saxon sound quite polished.

The tracks have an all round depth, good lead breaks, raunchy chord work, strong melodies, many variations and it's heavy enough without being thrashy.

The Songs

Biff still can't really sing that well lets face it, but he makes up for it by sounding happy and excited about anything he sings about. Including 'Terminal Velocity' and 'All Hell Breaking Loose'.

The standard synth intro sets the scene with 'Gothic Dreams' which starts everything off, 'Ministers Of Fools' stops the album from getting too serious and 'Absent Friends' is what Saxon replaces the love song with when they get too old to sing about the female persuasion.

In Summary

Good production shows the experience learn't over the years has been put to good use. A wide range of tracks from fast and heavy to slow and choppy.

Or from Short and sweet to long and complicated. A good album without any real surprises, but a quality metal sound that offers something new and something old, and is very easy to listen to and very enjoyable too.

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