Strangeways - Any Day Now

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ARTIST: Strangeways
ALBUM: Any Day Now
LABEL: Hangdog
YEAR: 1997


LINEUP: Ian Stewart - vocals, guitars, keyboards * David Stewart - guitars, bass, vocals, harmonica * Jim Drummond - drums, percussion, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 It's Alright * 02 Come And Dance * 03 What About Me * 04 Blue Line * 05 Northern Town * 06 Sweeter Than This * 07 Shillean * 08 All I Want * 09 Losin' My Friend * 10 And The Horse * 11 Fallen Angel * 12 Bye Bye Johnnie


Following on from their 1994 effort 'And The Horse', Strangeways continue their sabbatical away from quality AOR. But where that prior album was a great emotional conception, 'Any Day Now' is sadly an emotionally mixed inconsistency.

Sounding both miserable and uncertain, you are left with the feeling that they know they just need to write some proper AOR and it's just under the surface.

But for the present moment they are quite happy to stay curled up in their warm blanket of misery and hide away from the cold reality outside.

The Songs

Highlights do exist believe it or not.

'What About Me?' shows a shadow of 'And The Horse' and 'Losing My Friend' starts to show a bit more energy. But throughout most of album you get a mix of ditty sounding tracks, with sad and miserable lyrics never quite capturing the atmosphere of their previous albums.

In Summary

Obviously we are still waiting for the day, and that is the day we see another great AOR album from this Scottish band, while leaving behind this dreary old soundscape.

The melodic rock genre is at their mercy when they do.

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