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Released in the mid 90's, this is a bright and breezy set of 8 tracks, sounding like a cross between AOR and pop-rock.

Robert Murdock - Don
ARTIST: Robert Murdock
ALBUM: Don't Quit Your Day Job
LABEL: Dockside Music
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Robert Murdock - bass, vocals * Lee Scott Howard - guitars, vocals * Jeff Alai - drums, percussion, vocals * Mick Seeley - keyboards, guitars, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Nowhere To Run * 02 Kerri * 03 Lead Me To Heaven * 04 Every Time I'm Without You * 05 Old Post Road * 06 Something About You * 07 I Need A Miracle * 08 She's The World To Me


This bloke and his excellent band originate from Edison New Jersey. Released in the mid 90's, this is a bright and breezy set of 8 tracks, sounding like a cross between AOR and pop-rock.

I'm hearing all sorts of crossovers here: Stan Meissner, Bryan Adams, John Parr, that sort of thing. I understand most (not all) of these tracks were physically recorded back in the 80's.

Murdock worked with two production engineers to record most of his music, namely David Prater (Baby Grand, Diving For Pearls, Dream Theater, Firehouse), and Pinky Giglio (Glen Burtnick).

The Songs

The album commences with the rather sad lyrics of 'Nowhere To Run'. A song about relationship failure, this one features a magical chorus that is copy-cat Stan Meissner. A strange combination indeed. 'Kerri' is the obvious choice for a lead-off song, the catchy arrangement sitting square in the middle of radio friendly pop rock with a hint of AOR.

'Lead Me To Heaven' is bonafide AOR, a very melodically rich track with some stinging guitar work from Lee Scott Howard. You gotta love the excellent 'Every Time I'm Without You', a 'road song' dedicated to Murdock's wife. 'Old Post Road' is a song of reminiscing about the old home-town, a mid-tempo rocker in the vein of REO Speedwagon, especially the chorus.

'Something About You' is the slow-burner of the album, intensity being the modus operandi. 'I Need A Miracle' is the album's power ballad, and a good one it is too, while 'She's The World To Me' has a strong presence despite the desperate lyrics of loss and despair.

In Summary

Apart from that, I don't know a lot else about these guys, other than the fact that another album 'Horizontal Hold' was recorded after this one. If you wish to extend your familiarity with Murdock's music, then hop on over to the Broadjam website that features his music.

I also understand that guitarist Lee Scott Howard also had some solo material released that is played in the AOR style. Might be worth checking out too. Should you accept this mission, you should be able to find a copy of this out there on the Net.

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