Xenon - Defying Gravity

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Xenon were a product of the New Jersey scene back in the late 80's, this time we look at the 5-track EP 'Defying Gravity'.

Xenon - Defying Gravity
ALBUM: Defying Gravity
LABEL: Vision America
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Joey Fiamingo - vocals, percussion * Bob Specht - guitars * Tony Capobianco - drums, percussion * Joe Kosa - bass * Tolga Timuray - keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Everybody (Not Your Mothers Mix) * 02 Everybody (Clean And Proper Mix) * 03 We Shake * 04 Circus Time (This Mix) * 05 Circus Time (That Mix)



Xenon were a product of the New Jersey scene back in the late 80's. Their record label Vision America I'm guessing was the band's own outlet. 1989's 'America's New Design' was very hair metal, Dokken and XYZ like.

But Xenon's two mid 90's affairs, both short of being full-length albums were tempered somewhat. Great if you're an AOR guy! We've reviewed 1995's 'Simple' EP previously, this time we look at the 5-track EP 'Defying Gravity', which came out a year later.

The Songs

The track 'Everybody' is featured with two different mixes: the 'not your mothers mix' and the 'clean and proper' mix. I'm sure there's an audible difference, but I couldn't quite hear it. However I am hearing some up-tempo Dan Reed Network with these two versions.

The piano led 'We Shake' has a bit of Sabu about it, though it's more of a high-octane ballad than anything else. It's pretty cool mind you. There are also two versions of 'Circus Time' and we can definitely hear differences between the two. The first cut is definitely mixed louder while the latter feels less so.

In Summary

This was the last of Xenon's recorded material. The band did venture into the new century, playing several gigs around New Jersey. They have an active website if you're still interested (click link above). You can also buy 'Simple' and 'Defying Gravity' as a ten track download from iTunes if you want. Check them out.

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