Zuka - Supplemental Restraints

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Formed around founder Anthony Suriano, and kicking off in 1994, Zuka are quite an unusual sounding band, but they just fit the Glory Daze profile by the skin of their teeth.

Zuka - Supplemental Restraints
ALBUM: Supplemental Restraints
SERIAL: 96153
YEAR: 1996

LINEUP: Anthony Suriano - lead & background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, drums, percussion * Buddy Foltyn, Mike Lawlor, Vincent DelSole - electric guitars * Ben Hall - bass * Dave Currier, Brian Fitzgerald - piano, keyboards * Michael Van Dyk - drums (live) * Dawn Marie Suriano - additional vocals

TRACK LISTING:01 Intro * 02 Shorebound * 03 Faith On Fire * 04 Supplemental Restraints * 05 The Crush * 06 Summertime Day Dreams * 07 Precious Time * 08 Drivin' & Cryin' * 09 The Lucky One * 10 Straight The Way * 11 In A Sleepless Night



Having just written about New Jersey band Xenon, we look at another band from the region: these guys are called Zuka. They are formed around founder Anthony Suriano, and kicked off in 1994. They are quite an unusual sounding band, but they just fit the Glory Daze profile by the skin of their teeth.

Zuka have so far (as at 2016) released two albums, this review is for their first effort, 1996's 'Supplemental Restraints'. The Internet says this came out in 1996, though the Official Zuka website says it was released regionally in April 1997.

The Songs

Zuka demonstrate and include some humour at the onset of this CD, as you can hear on 'Intro'. Segueing into 'Shorebound', the riffs are hard rock approved, so too on the title track 'Supplemental Restraints' which have obviously nicked a few ideas from the 80's hair metal scene. 'The Crush' also displays some meaty moments, and you could be forgiven for thinking Zuka are time displaced by about a decade.

Moving on from 'Summertime Daydreams' which is a pointless acoustic instrumental, 'Precious Time' is a rich flowing acoustic ballad that reminds me of bands like Sure Conviction and (at a pinch) Prophet.

There are two other moments of balladry. 'The Lucky One' wasn't as good as 'Precious Time', while 'In A Sleepless Night' is a piano based ballad though the song tended to trip up over the lyrics. Elsewhere, Zuka move back into electric lady-land with the fiesty 'Drivin' & Cryin', followed by the guitar rocker 'Straight The Way' which wasn't as good.

In Summary

The album was sold locally throughout the Tristate region, thanks to their deal with ASI Music Group, and was marketed to mostly College Radio as well as Commercial staations. Zuka followed this up with 'From Here To Where?' in 2000, though it is proving difficult to track down.

The band still exist in one form or another, but it's been some while since their last recorded product. For melodic rockers, investigate 'Supplemental Restraints' with caution, but note that there are some surprisingly reasonable moments here.

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