Threshold - 1995 Livedelica (EP)


ARTIST: Threshold
ALBUM: Livedelica (EP)
LABEL: Giant Electric Pea
YEAR: 1995


LINEUP: Glynn Morgan - vocals * Karl Groom - guitars * Nick Midson - guitars * Jon Jeary - bass * Richard West - keyboards * Jay Micciche - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 A Tension Of Souls * 02 Sanity's End * 03 Innocent * 04 Surface To Air * 05 Paradox



Threshold's debut album 'Wounded Land' was generally well received by everyone. It was easily one of the best recordings by a British prog-metal band at that time.

It's successor, 'Psychedelicatessen', in my opinion, showed a more focused band and musically it was, perhaps, a little heavier in places.

Vocalist Damian Wilson had departed after the recording of the debut album (I heard he'd gone to be an actor). Other stories suggested he'd auditioned as Bruce Dickinson's replacement in Iron Maiden) and his replacement, Glynn Morgan, seemed to step into his shoes with ease.

As history has proven though, Morgan's time as Threshold's vocalist was short, leaving a studio album and this live CD as his legacy.

'Livedelica' captures the band on the European leg of their tour promoting the new material from 'Psychedelicatessen'.

The Songs

The live versions of the (then) new songs 'A Tension Of Souls' and 'Innocent' prove faithful to the original studio cuts and Threshold sound like a strong live act, even at this relatively early stage of their career. Of course, the real interest here is hearing how Morgan approaches the 'Wounded Land' material.

The first we get to hear is 'Sanity's End', which was (and still is) one of the debut's stand out tracks. Despite no longer featuring Damian Wilson's trademark wail, the 'get out, demons get out' refrain still remains classic Threshold. Some of the other vocals are a little more aggressive perhaps, but it's still a good rendition of one of my favourites.

Likewise, with 'Surface to Air', the soft piano and vocal intro sounds a little different with Morgan's vocals, but once Jon Jeary's solid bass comes in, things get heavier and Morgan sounds more at ease. It's not so difficult to understand why he was chosen as Wilson's replacement and by the time the last section kicks in, it feels as if this had been Threshold's line-up all along.

The set closes with 'Paradox', one of the band's signature tunes, and again, played by this line-up, it has as much power and presence as ever.

In Summary

After the tour Glynn Morgan left the band, taking drummer Jay Micciche with him to form the power metal band Mindfeed, who released an album on the Inside Out label in 1996.

For Threshold, the wheels kept turning and Damian Wilson came back as vocalist for the next studio album, 'Extinct Instinct', but that's a whole different story.

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