Rattlebone - 1992 Rattlebone EP


ARTIST: Rattlebone
ALBUM: Rattlebone EP
LABEL: Hollywood Records
SERIAL: HR-61405-2
YEAR: 1992


LINEUP: Roger Deering - vocals, bass * Brendon McNichol - guitars * Jeffrey Muendel - keyboards, piano, organ * Kerry Furlong - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 X-Ray Eyes * 02 Society Dog * 03 Cities On Flame (With Rock N Roll) * 04 Panther Sweat * 05 Do Your Thing


Hailing out of Los Angeles, California. This 4-piece band, rose out of the ashes of The Drills in 1992. Dave Jerden, who had worked with The Offspring and Rob Zombie, produced this 5 track EP.

The Songs

'X-Ray Eyes' kicks off, which instantly puts me in mind of Blood Of The Sun with its big Hammond organ sound. Then the lyrics kick in. 'I'm a chemical outlaw, with a tell tell laser gun. Sparks shooting from my fingers'.

At this point my attention span has suddenly dropped through the floor, Vocalist Roger Deering really doesn't have a strong or powerful voice which makes it even more difficult to listen to this EP.

'Society Dog' follows, again this has a interesting musical arrangement, but the banal lyrics spoil it for me.

'Cities On Flame (With Rock N Roll)', a cover of the Blue Oyster Cult song and 'Panther Sweat' both follow.

Closing the EP is a 7 minute blues influenced 'Do Your Thing' (an old Isaac Hayes number) which has some good guitaring courtesy of Brendon McNicol, interlaced with the said Hammond organ. This is the best song on the EP, even though it's a little drawn out.

In Summary

Thank god I only paid $5.00 for this. Uninspiring, unimaginative, uneventful.

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