Steele, Chrissy - 1991 Magnet To Steel


ARTIST: Steele, Chrissy
ALBUM: Magnet To Steel
LABEL: Chrysalis
SERIAL: F2 21843
YEAR: 1991


LINEUP: Chrissy Steele - vocals * Brian McLeod - guitars, bass, keyboards, drums * Pat Stewart - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Love You Til It Hurts * 02 Armed And Dangerous * 03 Move Over * 04 Love Don't last Forever * 05 Try Me * 06 Two Bodies * 07 Murder In The First Degree * 08 King Of Hearts * 09 Magnet To Steel * 10 Two Lips (Don't Make A Kiss) * 11 Cry Myself To Sleep


The career of Chrissy Steele would not be possible if not for the Headpins - you remember the Headpins don't you GDM freaks?

Having cut her teeth with Canadian rockers Reform School, Steele eventually hooked up with guitarist Brian 'Too Loud' Macleod of Chilliwack-Headpins fame.

After the departure of Darby Mills for a solo career, Macleod recruited Steele as vocalist. A couple of Steele fronted Headpins tours occurred in 1990, with MacLeod as the only remnant from the classic line-up. Sadly, bad news arrived for Brian, who found out he had cancer.

The recording for the new album took place on MacLeod's yacht; and was done with Steele, drummer Pat Stewart and 'Too Loud' handling all guitars and bass duties.

MacLeod had written the majority of the platter with Tim Feehan, with guest writing credits going to Mutt Lange, Jeff Paris and members of Loverboy.

With MacLeod's failing health, the powers that be decided to release the album as a 'Chrissy Steele' solo effort over a bona fide Headpins platter.

The Songs

There is a similarity between Darby Mills and Steele, although at the time 24 year old Steele had more of a 'metallic' edge in comparison to Mills golden throated AOR.

Aside from the obvious Darby comparisons, you can hear touches of Lee Aaron too especially on the lead off burner 'Love You 'Til It Hurts'. As is typical of MacLeod's work - the guitar sound is huge, and the riffs are tight and memorable. Steele has a strong voice that supports the material here well.

Things slow down for 'Love Don't Last Forever' which is another great showcase for Steele's emotive rasp. Mark Slaughter appears this track.

He also appears on the Mutt Lange penned 'Cry Myself To Sleep' which was originally covered by Romeos Daughter's debut and later on Bonnie Tyler's 'Angel Heart'.

Most of the tracks here are well done, which isn't a surprise considering the cooks in the kitchen. My only criticism is the production can be a little muddy at times and some of the arrangements are 1991 to the bone.

Other highlights include 'King Of Hearts', 'Two Lips (Don't Make A Kiss) and 'Move Over'.

The Jap version has a killer cut called 'Blood From A Stone' which is MIA here for some reason.

In Summary

Videos for the singles 'Love You 'Til It Hurts' and 'Love Don't Last Forever' were released in late 1991 while Steele put together a touring band that included former Reform School colleagues.

Despite being nominated for two Canadian Juno awards in 1992, Chrysalis dropped Steele from their roster and her band broke up shortly after.

Sadly, on April 25, 1992, Brian 'Too Loud' MacLeod died of cancer at the tender age of 39. Chrissy Steele spent the 90's in relative obscurity, occasionally making small appearances on albums by Tim Feehan and working with former Vixen-Madam X skin basher Roxy Petrucci.

Like similar artists Saraya, Harlow, Robin Beck and Vixen, Chrissy Steele's music was pretty much straightforward rock & roll that bordered on AOR. If anything a fitting end and showcase of the talents of Brian MacLeod.

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