Bloodgood - 1991 All Stand Together


ARTIST: Bloodgood
ALBUM: All Stand Together
LABEL: Broken Records
SERIAL: CD 08793
YEAR: 1991


LINEUP: Michael Bloodgood - bass * Les Carlsen - lead vocals * Paul Jackson - guitars * Tim Heintz - keyboards * David Huff - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 S.O.S * 02 All Stand Together * 03 Escape From The Fire * 04 Out Of Love * 05 Say Goodbye * 06 Kingdom Come * 07 Fear No Evil * 08 Help Me * 09 Rounded Are The Rocks * 10 Lies In The Dark * 11 Streetlight Dancer * 12 I Want to Live In Your Heart



Formed in Seattle in 1984, Bloodgood burst onto the scene with it's demo 'Metal Missionaries', which sold over 5000 copies at their early shows.

Their 1986 eponymous debut was produced by Darrell Mansfield and musically similar to other 80's metal bands at the time, despite its lyrics soaked in the blood of Christ.

Additional releases followed which established Bloodgood as one of the kings of the white metal kingdom.

Unlike Stryper or Barren Cross, Bloodgood's sound was slightly more metallic, which garnered them a decent following in the UK.

In 1991 the group attempted to move into a more mainstream direction and the result is 'All Stand Together'.

The Songs

While Bloodgood's hardcore followers most likely cringed to the addition of synthesizers and fluttering keys, fans of AOR most likely rejoiced in the process.

Although there were many genre releases to better serve melodic rock fans at this time, 'All Stand Together' isn't without it's moments.

Opener 'S.O.S.' is a straight ahead rocker ala Dokken or Loudness, as is the title track which meanders a bit.

The gates of AOR heaven open slightly for 'Escape From The Fire' and 'Out Of Love', both decent stabs at melodic rock despite their preachy lyrics.

The group has recorded some amazing ballads in the past and 'Say Goodbye' is no exception, proving the band's diversity beyond Bible thumping counterparts like Whitecross or Leviticus.

Despite their AOR sheen, the following tracks 'Kingdom Come', 'Fear No Evil' and 'Help Me' come off as mere filler.

Thankfully 'Rounded Are The Rocks' heats things back up, making way for a string of killer cuts; 'Lies In The Dark', 'Streetlight Dancer' and 'I Want To Live In Your Heart'.

The later is the album's highlight and perhaps one of the group's finer moments.

In Summary

After five studio albums and three live releases, the group officially disbanded in 1994.

Bloodgood reformed in 2006 and have been performing several times a year since in the U.S. and Europe.

Original members Michael Bloodgood and Les Carlsen remain along with longtime drummer Kevin Whistler (drums), longtime guitarist Paul Jackson and guitarist Oz Fox of Stryper fame.

In 2013, The band employed a popular fan-funding program to raise the money they needed to record their first album in 22 years.

'Dangerously Close' was a melodic heavy metal-hard rock album that could have been the immediate follow-up to 'All Stand Together'.

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