Pleasure Addiction - 2012 Independence

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ARTIST: Pleasure Addiction
ALBUM: Independence
LABEL: Shotgun Generation
SERIAL: SGR 69-011
YEAR: 2012


LINEUP: Bady - guitar * Stuffy - bass * Butcho - vocals * Carvin - guitars * Pamyz - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dance * 02 My Superstar * 03 Shout It Out * 04 No More Me, No More You * 05 Couldn't Live Without You * 06 Saturday Nite * 07 Melody * 08 Shot Of Poison * 09 Couldn't Live Without You (samba version)

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Here's a French band that are making waves in the glam/melodic rock genre. Pleasure Addiction come from Paris, and they've been a round for a number of years.

In fact, if you've been around the Paris live scene long enough, then this band are regulars, playing support slots for all the top bands coming through the French capital.

The members of the Pleasure Addiction all participate in other well known French bands too, but their union within this band is a great way to let off some steam in a melodic-glam combustion.

The band released a 4-track self released EP back in 2007; all tracks from that effort are included on 2012's 'Independence'.

The Songs

It's a fun time romp all the way through.

'Dance' is as infectious as you would imagine with such a songtitle and the genre this belongs to.

So too the gang-chant filled 'My Superstar' which is bound to get a live audience up and jumping.

PA's first foray into something substantial is the punch-drunk 'Shout It Out' which twists and turns through balladry, anthemic moments and pure hard rock.

The band pick up the speed on 'No More Me, No More You' which sounds like a cross between surf-punk and nu-breed styles.

Changing musicals like a actress changes wigs, 'Couldn't Live Without You' ventures into a something akin to hair-metal but not quite.

It's back to the partying ways with 'Saturday Nite', a definite glam anthem for sure.

'Melody' is one of the heavier tracks here, and sounds pretty good, with guitars chugging away with runaway abandon.

'Shot Of Poison' is yet another hot combustible track that sounds as if it was sourced out of another glam production house, namely Sweden.

The finale is a samba version of 'Couldn't Live Without You' and I gotta say it sounds very cool. Love the Miami shuffle sound that PA come up with. Pass me a Pina Colada please.

In Summary

As an indie CD, this is a very respectable release. Don't be hoping this straddles the AOR fence because it doesn't, but the album has its moments.

If you like melodic rock with a glam infusion; or you like glam with a melodic rock sprinkling, then Pleasure Addiction should make for some interesting listening.

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