The Chance - 1993 The Chance [EP]

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ARTIST: The Chance
ALBUM: The Chance [EP]
LABEL: Skydoor Records
SERIAL: 8-1001-2
YEAR: 1993

LINEUP: Seth Kreisworth - lead vocals, keyboards * Ethan Kreisworth - guitar, vocals * Michael Brillantes - bass, vocals * Rob Ahlers - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 See Me As You See Yourself * 02 Now * 03 Another Night * 04 I Can Never Stop * 05 In June * 06 B Lick


As far as I can tell L.A. based Skydoor Records only got around to three or four releases before folding and this sole EP from The Chance was their biggest success.

The disc was easy to find and even received some attention from the progressive rock press, in particular Japan which is how I found out about the band in an issue of the glossy, expensive and much-missed 'Marquee' magazine.

With some money behind them the band toured the Western U.S. opening shows for April Wine, Jackyl and Shooting Star but this was 1993 and the climate for proggy hard rock in the face of Grunge was less than hospitable. In other words, it wasn't exactly a shocker The Chance were never heard from again.

The Songs

Which is sad considering these guys were way ahead of the curve stylistically and a few years down the road might have been a bigger deal. If you enjoyed the three discs from Cincinnati band Mara and the 1991 Magellan debut 'Hour Of Restoration' then The Chance should fit easily in your comfort zone.

Echoes of both Rush and Kansas on opener 'See Me As You See Yourself' and yet nothing here is as over the top or as complex as their wildly successful peers.

In fact cuts like 'Now' and the CD's best track the soaring mid-tempo rocker 'Another Night'; The Chance sound like a hard rock band that suddenly discovered their big brother's prog collection.

All well and good since they certainly had the chops which 'I Can Never Stop' and the frantic rocker 'B-Lick' breathlessly proved but with average material all the time changes and heavy riffing in the world couldn't have saved this CD from becoming a minor prog rock/metal curio.

In Summary

Still very easy to find, I saw a used copy in a local second-hand shop a few weeks ago for just a couple bucks. I bet it's still there collecting dust.

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