Threshold (USA) - 1993 Midnight Dreamer [ep]

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ARTIST: Threshold (USA)
ALBUM: Midnight Dreamer [ep]
LABEL: Independent
YEAR: 1993
CD REISSUE: 2008, Retrospect Records, RR-406
SPONSOR: Retrospect Records


LINEUP: Kicho Forrest - lead vocals, guitars * Tim Burke - guitars * Tom Smith - bass * Doug Schumacher - keyboards, vocals * E-Bone Sundseth - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Price * 02 Stranger With A Gun * 03 Political Warwhores * 04 Chasing The Dragon * 05 Midnight Dreamer * 06 The Kiss (Live)


Not to be confused with the well known British prog metal band of the same name, and who, coincidentally, kicked off their career the same time as these American prog metallers did.

Originating from Spokane Washington, this 5 piece circulate in some interesting sound space, a bit of Queensryche and Crimson Glory while a bunch of keyboard fills from Doug Schumacher gives them a prog/pomp feel at times.

I have this feeling that Dream Theater might have played a big part in their influence, and let's be honest, in 1993 DT were one of the biggest bands going around, so that wouldn't surprise me.

The Songs

There are six songs on this EP, which has in recent times been reissued by Retrospect Records and given more of a renewed profile as a result.

The opener 'Price' has a regimented open sequence, with drums, guitars and keyboards all working hard in unison. It certainly does have that early Queensryche and Crimson Glory vibe going on.

'Stranger With A Gun' has a deeper sound, a bit more intensity and drama giving it a darker feel.

'Political Warwhores' sees a strong dual guitar thing going on, again, the DeGarmo-Wilton pairing from Queensryche is a strong reminder of where these guys are coming from.

I liked the acoustic-electric combination of 'Chasing The Dragon', a highly melodic piece, which thankfully doesn't denigrate to the dungeons and dragons style of metal typified by other metal merchants during this era.

Next up is the title track, complete with melodic but operatic vocals, high flying guitars and slam dunking drum work.

The last track 'The Kiss' is a live rendition, it's a bit muddy sound wise, but Kicho is in fine form, his vocals going right over the top!

In Summary

Considering 1993 was a shit year in melodic and prog rock, one can assume Threshold didn't get too far beyond this local release.

In the where are they now stakes, lead man Kicho Forrest has since moved on to Atomic Clock who's debut CD was also released by Retrospect Records during 2008.

Both this album and Atomic Clock can be picked up relatively easily now through Retrospect.

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