Vomitron - II

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This is the American side project based off the Massachusetts power metal combo called Armory, Vomitron specialise in Nintendo game music but this time around, it's more straight down the line metal.

Vomitron - II
ARTIST: Vomitron
LABEL: Self Released / Bandcamp
YEAR: 2019

LINEUP: Peter Rutchco - all instruments * Anneke van Giersbergen - vocals (#8) * Kristin Niemann - lead guitar (#1, #5)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Vomitron Lives! * 02 The Star Eater * 03 Endlessly Halved * 04 (-)][(O)][(-) * 05 The Dead Shall Live Again (And the Living Will Die., and so On...) * 06 Return To Nebulon V * 07 Burned In Ice * 08 Cry Little Sister * 09 Stupid Earth * 10 Dawn Of Zero * 11 Toccata And Fugue In D MINOR (J. S Bach)

RATING: Score=85%
WEBLINKSS: Bandcamp Link | Main Site Link


This is the American side project based off the Massachusetts power metal combo called Armory. We have featured that band previously at Glory Daze, with two album reviews and an interview.

With Vomitron however, it's a different set of circumstances altogether, the primary guy is Peter Rutchco, who was belting out all the best Nintendo game music within the power metal framework. We've also reviewed Vomitron's prior two albums, so quite how this third effort is titled 'II' I'm damned if I know!

The Songs

There's less of the Nintendo game music this time around, and more straight down the line metal on this set. Things get off to a rapid fire start, as 'Vomitron Lives!' connects us to the world of 'tempo beyond tempo'. This is where hyper-speed meets light-speed.

Things are bought back to a semblance of order for the restrained 'The Star Eater', with an equal dose of synths riding shotgun alongside the industrial strength guitar work. 'Endlessly Halved' must be talking about beats per minute. The tempo is off the scale here, even a thrash metal drummer couldn't keep up with this one!

On the fourth track (-)][(O)][(-), I have no idea what the track title means. The music is full of robotic blips and bleeps so I'm guessing this is sci-fi in concept? To confuse matters even more, the lengthily titled 'The Dead Shall Live Again (And the Living Will Die., and so On...)' is full on speed, I doubt the dead will be up for long as they'll topple over with sheer exhaustion after listening to this!

'Return To Nebulon V' returns Vomitron to cruising speed, far more palatable if you're a standard HM listener rather than anything extreme. It's short too, a tocuh under 2 minutes. I liked the synth/guitar interplay on 'Burned In Ice' coupled with some exotic female vocal wailing. maybe they should license this for a game like DOTA2 or something?

The female vocal provided by Dutch singing legend Anneke van Giersbergen is taken a step further on 'Cry Little Sister', a moody and dark track with more emphasis on creating a soundscape rather than being overtaken by a metal assault. This track was originally written by British 80's AORster Gerard McMahon. Very cool. 'Stupid Earth' is a musical highlight for mine, some cohesive parts which seem to come together quite well, plus it's played at a regular speed, so at least it's digestible.

'Dawn Of Zero' sounds as if it is following a click track set at 180bpm! Special guest on this track is R2D2, with all manner of audio bleeps going on. Classical music fans will know of J.S Bach's 'Toccata And Fugue In D Minor' off the back of their hand. Think Vincent Price and his cheesy Dr Phibes movies from the 60's and 70's. This is Vomitron's interpretation.

In Summary

Vomitron won't be to everyone's tastes, but what they do is pretty much off the scale to everybody else. You can grab this from their Bandcamp website. Refer to our other articles by clicking on the tag below. If it's an exercise in removing dandruff (bald guys are exempt), then listening to this album will help your cause.


Cry Little Sister (with Anneke van Giersbergen)

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