Great White - 1992 Psycho City


ARTIST: Great White
ALBUM: Psycho City
LABEL: Capitol
SERIAL: CDP 0777 7 98835 2 3
YEAR: 1992
CD REISSUE: 1999, Axe Killer (France), 3053322


LINEUP: Jack Russell - vocals * Mark Kendall - guitars * Michael Lardie - keyboards, guitars, percussion, backing vocals * Audie Desbrow - drums

Additional Musicians: Dave 'The Beast' Spitz - bass * Alan Niven - percussion, backing vocals * Richie Gajate Garcia - percussion * Rick Brewster - Wah-slide on 'Psycho City'

TRACK LISTING: 01 Psycho City * 02 Step On You * 03 Old Rose Motel * 04 Maybe Someday * 05 Big Goodbye * 06 Doctor Me * 07 I Want You * 08 Never Trust A Pretty Face * 09 Love Is A Lie * 10 Get On Home



Great White is another band I frequently point out that gets unfairly lumped into the marred 'waters' of the no talents from the late 80's, early 90's hard rock scene.

Cutting their teeth as a L.A. Metal act, Great White eventually started 'test-biting' the glam/metal/pop and even AOR of the day-although keeping a fin deep in blues based rock.

Great White eventually gained decent amounts of MTV/Radio air play for songs like 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' and 'The Angel Song'. The band reached their peak form of popularity with the release of '..Twice Shy' in 1989.

By 1992, Nirvana were the predatory fish on MTV and radio - forcing the popularity of bands like Great White to plunge to their depths.

Coming off their 80's Glory-Daze, Great White refused to become extinct and entered the 90's as ferocious as ever. The result is their 1992 effort 'Psycho City' which proved the band still had 'bite' (sorry!).

Although, I share Alun's (dangerzone) love of the original incarnation of Great White as a melodic metal force, I feel 'Psycho City' deserves recognition as one of their most overlooked and consistent platters.

The Songs

'Psycho City' - A refreshing up tempo rocker considering the lax approach of their previous effort 'Hooked'. The group sounds better than ever here-especially Russell's vocals, on point with inspired efforts like 'Once Bitten' and the AOR tinged 'Shot In The Dark'

'Step On You' - Once again the thing you notice is the energy that had been lacking on the previous efforts. Although 'Twice Shy' sold well it was pretty sloppy and inconsistent. So far, so good here.

'Old Rose Motel' - I remember not liking this much back in the day, but after seeing the group play this live throughout the years made me appreciate this bluesy Lil ditty. Despite obvious influences, Great White really tried to develop their own sound overtime- this is a fine example.

'Maybe Someday' - A good ballad, but to be fair, meanders a bit-although nowhere near as sluggish as the ballads on the previous two platters. Decent.

'Big Goodbye' - Here we go, back on track with perhaps one of Great White's best singles and videos. With Grunge taking over and Capitol's lack of promotion forced this to be ignored by radio and MTV. Too bad because it's one of their best videos and songs! AOR in approach and larger than life.

'Doctor Me' - Another great AOR tinged rocker. Killer hook and axe work from Kendall!

'I Want You' - An overlooked Great White killer cut which would of fit perfect on 'Hooked'.

'Never Trust A Pretty Face' - A swaggering whiskey soaked rocker that seemed written for the stage. An extremely catchy and anthemic corker!

'Love Is A Lie' - Great White's best ballad bar Nione. The last four minutes of this eight minute epic is Kendall shredding his ass off on a solo that's echos a sense of pain and loss. A renewed lease on life perhaps?

As he Kendall would sit out most of the 'Hooked' tour after suffering a hemorrhage due to alcohol abuse. Amazing stuff.

'Get On Home' - An excellent showcase for the blues and boogie entity the band had evolved into. A fitting end to a fairly consistent set of tunes!

In Summary

Great White continued to release new material well into the 1990s, although it would be in 'unchartered' waters well off the Billboard charts and even the States.

In 2003, GW made headlines when The Station Nightclub fire led to the unfortunate deaths of 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island, including the band's guitarist Ty Longley, who had been a member for three years.

Great White attempted a comeback in 2007 with the release of a 'Back To The Rhythm' with an accompanying tour featuring the band's classic line-up.

Most Great White releases are worthy of praise here at GDM and can easily be tracked down online. Although if your looking for one after 1992 as consistent as this, keep fishing.

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