Coyote - 1983 Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics

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ARTIST: Coyote
ALBUM: Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics
LABEL: Old Dog Records
YEAR: 1983

CD REISSUE: 2016, Crossroad Productions (bootleg)


LINEUP: David Tenery - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica * Mike Bennett - lead guitar, backing vocals * Randy Powell - lead guitar, backing vocals * David Rivette - bass * Dirk Peterson - drums, backing vocals

Guests: Bobby Whitlock - piano * Don Jackson, Don Sheffield, Roger Bissel - horns

TRACK LISTING: 01 Peter Gun * 02 I Hope We Don't Get Caught * 03 Later On Tonight * 04 Final Notice * 05 Cheap Motel * 06 Some Day * 07 Danger Zone * 08 Mrs. Smith * 09 Blind, Drunk & Crazy


With the advent of the Internet and specialized blog sites, those hard to find albums that were released as private pressings back in the 70's are now freely available.

My love for all things Southern Rock goes back many years and I love stumbling upon those old bands from yesteryear, thanks to sites such as The Day After The Sabbath and the now defunct Skydog Elysium.

One such band that came to my attention some years back was Coyote, based out of Morganton, North Carolina. Coyote released their one and only album on the Old Dog Records label back in 1983.

Only 700 copies were pressed and sold at shows and biker rallies. Although the band had been in existence since the late 60's, and had released two singles in 1974, it wasn't until 1979 that they had a line up change and went for a more harder southern rock sound.


The Songs

The album kicks of with an electric version of 'Peter Gun' which apparently was the start of their live shows.

Where this album really kicks off are the three guitarists and all five members taking a role in the vocal department.

'Final Notice' is similar to George Thorogood's 'I Drink Alone' but at a slightly slower tempo to start with, then it builds up speed.

'Cheap Motel' and 'Some Day' follow with its Southern groove and some fine twin lead from Messrs Mike Bennett and Randy Powell.

'Mrs Smith' is up next which has Bobby Whitlock from Derek And The Dominoes playing piano, who incidently was hanging around the studio.

The final track on this album is 'Blind, Drunk And Crazy', which is your typical bar room, whiskey soaked anthem with those beautiful twin lead guitars playing in unison and to perfection. Is there a reason bands leave their best song until last?

In Summary

Overall this is a enjoyable album, coming in in just under 30 minutes.

Coyote finally split in 1987, they missed out signing with Epic and CBS, having toured with some big name acts such as the Artmus Pyle Band and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Drummer Dirk Peterson, went on to manage Southern Rock band Copperhead in the early 90's. Nothing else is much known about the other members.

There is very little on the net about Coyote, bar one article written by Josh Robertson from the Its Psychedelic Baby website. I would like to aknowledge Josh as a source of information when I was writing this review.


Whole Album

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    gdazegodgdazegod Lostralia
    Hot Damn, that is some hot guitar work on the opener Peter Gun. Not sure what Henry Mancini thought of it all. Was there a hint of Hendrix's Purple Haze in there too?
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    'Danger Zone' and the last song are the best.
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