Six Shot Revival - 2011 Greatest Hits Vol 1


ARTIST: Six Shot Revival
ALBUM: Greatest Hits Vol 1
YEAR: 2011


LINEUP: Marc Phillips - vocals * Jon Brown - guitars * Steven Morrison - bass * Brandon Purinton - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Whiskey Bent * 02 Bandit * 03 Southern Gentleman * 04 DeVille * 05 A Little More Action * 06 You Love Me * 07 Snake Eyes * 08 Lady Luck * 09 Gettin' By * 10 Crazy * 11 It Never Ends * 12 Rebel Music

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This ain't your Daddy's Southern Rock says Six Shot Revival's bio, and they're not wrong on that score. SSR hail from Atlanta, Georgia, home to Mothers Finest.

They are part of the New Wave of American Sothern Rock (NWOASR). Along with such other artists in the same vein, such as Stone Rider, Beitthmeans, The Cadillac Black and American Bang.

'Greatest Hits Vol 1', released in 2011 is the bands second opus; they released an EP 'Rebel Music' back in 2010, at the famed Southern Tracks Studio in Atlanta.

The Songs

This is a whiskey fuelled, bar room brawl, cigarette smoke stinging the eyes, 12 tracks of classic hard rock with Southern attitude thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes reminding me of The Four Horsemen. It starts off with 'Whiskey Bent' with Jon Brown (guitar) providing the riff and backed up nicely with an rhythm section consisting of Brandon Purinton on drums and Steven Morrison on bass.

Where this band comes into its own is vocalist Marc Phillips, who gyrates around the stage like a young Axl Rose, but that's where the comparison stops.

Following on from this is 'Southern Gentleman' the fast paced 'Bandit' and the song that really smacked me in the face like a piece of 2x4 is 'A Little More Action'. It starts with a mid range tempo and builds up to a crashing all out attack, then reverts back nicely to the way it started.

There is not a bad song on this disc; every song will have the listener reaching for the tennis racket or in my case the vacuum cleaner handle.

The CD finishes off with 'Rebel Music' with some nice steel guitar work from Jon Brown.

In Summary

Had SSR been around in the 80s, they would have been huge. But what we have got here is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the USA in a long time.

This CD reinforces to me why I like hard rock. Unfortunately this CD is now only available as a download, but they have a new release coming soon called 'Bible Belt Boozehounds'.

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