Deathraiser - 2011 Violent Aggression


ARTIST: Deathraiser
ALBUM: Violent Aggression
LABEL: Xtreem Music
YEAR: 2011


LINEUP: Thiago - vocals, guitar * Ramon - guitar * Junior - bass * William - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Violent Aggression * 02 Annihilation Of Masses * 03 Terminal Disease * 04 Enslaved By Cross * 05 Command To Kill * 06 Killing The World * 07 Oppression Till Death * 08 Lethal Disaster * 09 Thrash Or Be Thrashed

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It would be a safe bet that this isn't exactly what the majority of GDM readers are settling down to listen to late at night while sipping their coffee and contemplating the latest Journey fiasco.

Every now and again though a random thrash album comes along that has that magic about it and like last years Hatchery effort, Deathraiser have caught my attention.

Coming from the backstreets of Brazil like their counterparts Sepultura (now only half Brazilian), Deathraiser play the type of 80's influenced thrash that when done properly is as addictive as any form of AOR.

These guys wear their influences proudly and it's easy to hear in the music. You don't even have to see a picture of these guys to guess what they look like, tight black jeans, vintage thrash shirts and huge trainers from 1990 being the norm.

The Songs

This album is totally relentless. To the unitiated every track probably sounds the same, but with enough listens the melody is there, one of the aspects that separates bad thrash from even average fare. That said there's only one tempo Deathraiser play and it's always fast.

They barely give their drummer a breather and for thrash fans this is total paradise. Musically the bands influences are obvious, with every track a cross between Slayer, Kreator and Exodus.

Vocalist Thiago bases his delivery exactly like Kreator's Mille Petrozza, while the guitar tandem styles their riffs after classic 80's Slayer and Exodus.

It's most enjoyable when the band throw in big chanted choruses on tracks like 'Command To Kill', recalling Exodus' 'Bonded By Blood'.

The speed is so immense it almost borders on laughable and with tracks like 'Thrash Or Be Thrashed' there's little doubt where Deathraiser's loyalties lie.

There's a considerable amount of spirit and energy evident in the music, making it obvious that the band truly believe in what they're doing. That's what makes this great to my ears. It's pure thrash and nothing else.

In Summary

It's encouraging to see new thrash bands keeping the scene alive and despite being written off year after year, the genre continues because of Deathraiser and others like them.

Where the veterans of thrash have aged and gone soft, or just become completely pathetic (Megadeth), the youngsters have stepped in and kept the original spirit of their heroes alive.

True this offers nothing new, but heavy is still heavy, so to keep me listening Deathraiser must have done something right. Journey certainly didn't, so notch one up to the Brazilians.

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