Hogjaw - 2010 Ironwood


ARTIST: Hogjaw
ALBUM: Ironwood
LABEL: Swamp Jaw BEA Music
YEAR: 2010


LINEUP: Jonboat Jones - vocals * Elvis DD - bass * Craig Self - lead guitar * J. Kowalski - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rollin Thunder * 02 Blacktop * 03 Three Fifty Seven * 04 Ol' Slippery Willie * 05 County Line * 06 Ain't Ever Gonna Win * 07 Two Guns * 08 Walkin' * 09 Flathead * 10 Hornswogglin'

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This is Hogjaw's 2nd release, coming out in 2010. Their bio states that 'like a four wheel drive, Hogjaw have gone off road into the music industry, and taken head on, brandishing their own trail of rock n roll'.

Hailing from the Southwest Desert State of Arizona, the band is formed by high school friends Jonboat Jones (vocals), Elvis DD (bass), Craig Self (lead guitar) and J. Kowalski (drums).

They write songs that are close to their heart: beer drinking, fishing, BBQ's and 18-wheeled trailers.

The Songs

Opener 'Rollin Thunder' belts out of the speakers with a pounding riff and rhythm section for at least 40 seconds before the vocals kick in. Make no mistake this is a great hard rock song with southern attitude thrown in for good measure.

There are some great guitar breaks that keep this song interesting. Following on is 'Blacktop', about running illegal corn liquor. It has a ZZ Top boogie intro then the pace slows down with some good pedal steel guitar from guest John Rickard.

This CD is just full of high-powered nitro burning, NASCAR loving fuel injection music, and I love it. From 'Three Fifty Seven' with its wah wah guitar work to 'Ol Slippery Wille' with its female vocals, which reminds with of Marianne Faithful on Metallica to 'The Memory Remains'.

There is not a bad song on the CD, I love the Charlie Daniels inspired 'Flathead', an ode to the good old Catfish. Closing this CD is 'Hornswogglin' with its roots in country and the blues.

In Summary

This is a solid CD from start to finish. A collection of songs rich in powerful riffs and and vocals. A great mix of southern, country and classic rock.

Hogjaw have been compared to Hydra and the Marshall Tucker Band, and I can see the influences but there is more to Hogjaw than that.

They have a new CD release in the summer called 'If It Aint Broke' which I am really looking forward to.

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