Preacher Stone - 2010 Uncle Bucks Vittles


ARTIST: Preacher Stone
ALBUM: Uncle Bucks Vittles
LABEL: Preacher Stone Records
SERIAL: 0820869020922
YEAR: 2010


LINEUP: Ronnie Riddle - vocals * Marty Hill, Benny Huntt - guitars * Josh Sanders - bass, vocals * Brent Enman - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Can't Keep A Good Man Down * 02 Carved In Stone * 03 Come On In * 04 Early Morning Rise * 05 Nuff Said * 06 Hand Of The Bible * 07 I'll Be Damned * 08 Save My Soul * 09 Don't Take Me With You When You're Gone * 10 Judge Me Not * 11 Come Together

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Formed back in 2008, Preacher Stone have already released a strong self-titled debut album that has gained airplay in radio stations in the US and Europe.

Born out of the ashes of two local North Carolina bands, Phantom Park and Riddle, and after some changes in the line-up, the band now features Ronnie Riddle on vocals, ex-Swampdawamp member Marty Hill and Benny Huntt on guitars, Brent Enman on drums and Josh Sanders on bass.

Not a purist Southern rock band but a 'Rock Band from the South'. Preacher Stone songs feature topics close to their hearts such as veterans, guns control, and good ole southern hospitality and friendship.

The Songs

Listening to 'Uncle Buck's Vittles', which incidentally is named after their favourite watering hole, Preacher Stone is very much in the vein of Molly Hatchet and Doc Holliday.

The CD opener is 'Can't Keep A Good Man Down', with some good rock/blues guitar sound, straight out of the Molly Hatchet school of rock.

Following on we have 'Carved In Stone', a semi ballad about men going off to the Vietnam War.

'Come On In' reels us back into the southern rock groove; 'Early Morning Rise' has a nice classic rock riff and good rhythm section.

'Nuff Said' follows on with its catchy chorus, while 'Hand On The Bible' is an outstanding song about parents and their children; this is where Ronnie Riddles voice shines.

'Don't Take Me With You When You're Gone' has some good Dobro guitar from Marty Hill.

Finally, the last two tracks, 'Judge Me Not' written and sung by bassist Josh Sanders on acoustic guitar turns this CD on its head. It is completely different from the rest of the CD. Quite possibly the best song here

And finally the excellent cover of the famous Beatles 'Come Together', a souped up Southern version. I can see Molly Hatchet or Lynyrd Skynyrd covering this for an encore.

In Summary

North Carolina has produced some of the finest Southern Rock bands in the USA and Preacher Stone is up there with the best of them.

The sound, lyrics, image, right down to the CD cover, everything falls into place. If you like your rock 'n' roll Southern fried with a large slice of blues, then Preacher Stone is right up your alley.

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