Carswell, Neil - 2009 Keep You Guessing


ARTIST: Carswell, Neil
ALBUM: Keep You Guessing
LABEL: East Winds Records
SERIAL: C10 neilcarswell2
YEAR: 2009


LINEUP: Neil Carswell - vocals, guitars * Stu Kimball - guitars, production * Chris Anderson - guitars * Don Herron - guitars * Larry Campbell - guitars * Barry Goudreau - guitars * Johnny Neil - keyboards * Judd Fuller - bass * Victor Krauss - upright bass * Mike Levesque, Kevin Rapillo - drums * Kim Keyes - backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Bright Lights * 02 Gypsy Lady * 03 Every Sad Song * 04 She * 05 Keep You Guessing * 06 Since I Met You * 07 Till The Blues Come In * 08 Time to Think * 09 Noting Left To Lose * 10 Roll On * 11 Carolina Line * 12 Big Sky * 13 South Wind * 14 Temporary Relief * 15 Altar Call


North and South Carolina is to Southern Rock what Los Angeles was to hair metal back in the 80's.

These two States have produced a plethora of great Southern bands, both old and new. Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Swampdawamp, Preacher Stone, and Copperhead.

The latter were one of those bands which seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They released two fine CDs.: The self titled 'Copperhead' and 'Live & Lost'. Both have the MTV minor hit 'Whiskey'.

Out of the ashes of Copperhead comes Neil Carswell, who has returned as a solo artist in his own right. Releasing two solo CD's, with a shift away from the Southern Rock/Metal of Copperhead to a more Southern/Country feel.

The Songs

The CD kicks of with 'Bright Lights' and the first thing that hits you are the Bob Seger comparisons. As a mid paced number, that would not be out of place on a big arena stage.

'Gypsy Lady' follows with some enjoyable backing vocals and steel guitar. Next up we get a very soulful version of Gram Parsons 'She'. Following on is the tittle track.

The one thing that is evident within the first five tracks is Neil's voice. It is so soulful and smooth. It helps that he is backed up by a plethora of seasoned session musicians.

'Since I Met You' was written about Neil's wife, it features a duet with Kim Keyes, whose resume is not to shabby either, working alongside Peter Cetera, Joe Cocker and Reba McEntire among others. It also has a pleasing slide guitar solo, courtesy of Chris Anderson.

There are fifteen tracks on this CD, it would render the reader into a coma if I described every one. There is a very country rock theme that runs through the veins of this CD.

In Summary

Neil has got together with a group of musicians with a high pedigree, Stu Kimball (Bob Dylan), Chris Anderson (The Outlaws, Blackhawk) Johnny Neil (Allman Brothers, Govt Mule) and Barry Goudreau (Boston).

For those that were expecting a modern version of Copperhead, this will disappoint. This is not a hard rock CD by a long stretch, but one for kicking back in the lazy-boy and just enjoying some good ole Southern hospitality.

Overall a very enjoyable CD, one that I can play in the car with the wife and kids, and without someone telling me to turn it down or turn it off.

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