Pretty Maids - 1990 Jump The Gun-Lethal Heroes


ARTIST: Pretty Maids
ALBUM: Jump The Gun (Lethal Heroes)
SERIAL: 466365 2
YEAR: 1990
CD REISSUE: 2003, Collectables, COL-CD-7405


LINEUP: Ronnie Atkins - vocals * Ken Hammer - guitars * Ricky Marx - guitars * Allan Delong - bass * Phil Morehead - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lethal Heroes * 02 Don't Settle For Less * 03 Rock The House * 04 Savage Heart * 05 Young Blood * 06 Headlines * 07 Jump The Gun * 08 Partners In Crime * 09 Attention * 10 Hang Tough * 11 Over And Out * 12 Dream On



This was a much delayed album following a band members injury in a car accident. Pretty Maids finally released this album in 1990 following on from the awesome 'Future World' opus from 1987.

It has two handles, either known as 'Jump The Gun' or 'Lethal Heroes', depending which side of the bed you wake up on.

The delay did not affect the quality of this Danish five piece but along with their strange band name, neither has really achieved the fame nor notoriety deserved of their efforts.

With a subtle mix of keyboards and metal guitar riffs, this is quality mainstream European melodic rock. Ronnie Atkins with his distinctive harsh but not too imposing vocals are softened with backing vocals and a good melody.

Dual guitar work from Ken Hammer and Ricky Marx combine power guitar-work and acoustic interludes to produce a great mix of power rock, ballads and some parts heavy metal.

The Songs

Being an album full of melodic rockers, it borders on heavy while not going too much the other way on mellowness.

They have a lot in common with bands like MSG, Krokus, Scorpions and Judas Priest, producing solid and reliable albums. What they don't do is produce a CD which has a few hits with a load of rubbish to fill up the rest.

All the tracks are well produced (by Roger Glover of Deep Purple and Rainbow fame), and along with the aforementioned 'Future World', it shows the very best of Pretty Maids.

In Summary

I could not really find any stand out tracks, they all have catchy hooks and their own personality. So if you love the 80's metal sound, then this is a must have.

Pretty Maids are still going strong with new albums appearing regularly.

Note: Searching for 'Pretty Maids' on the Internet can yield strange results particularly in the fetish sections so be warned.

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