Dreamtale - 2005 Difference


ARTIST: Dreamtale
ALBUM: Difference
LABEL: Spinefarm
YEAR: 2005


LINEUP: Jarkko Ahola - vocals * Rami Keronen - guitars * Mikko Matila - guitars * Turkka Vuorinen - keyboards * Pasi Ristolainen - bass * Petteri Rosenbom - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Lost Souls * 02 Wings Of Icaros * 03 New Life * 04 Lucid Times * 05 Mirror * 06 World's Child * 07 Sail Away * 08 Fly * 09 Secret Door * 10 We Are One * 11 Green Fields

RATING: image


Dreamtale is one of those dime-a-dozen Finnish power metal bands which usually fail to capture my attention, but these lads have successfully pulled that off when they hired my favourite singer.

How good is the record itself, though? The answer, in short, is: 'well, okay enough'.

The Songs

The opener 'Lost Souls' got me headbanging sure enough. Balls, great melodies, Jarkko belting like a tiny Dio, as per usual.

'Wings Of Icaros' is a classic double kick power metal rumble, and 'New Life' is surprisingly glam metal-ish.

'Lucid Times' sounds like a demo nicked off some Nightwish session, and 'Mirror' is probably the best power ballad I've ever heard, but god knows if that would be the case if Jarkko wasn't howling away like a madman on it.

'World's Child' has the most happy-go-lucky introductory guitar melody I'd ever heard, and the rest of it is as Euro power metal as riding on a horse under Elvish armor - which is to say, it's VERY Euro-styled. Not recommended if you're not a big fan of happy power metal (I'm not).

'Sail Away' is contributed by Ahola in terms of the composition and the lyrics - a nice acoustic ballad about being lost at sea after a storm. What's with Finnish bands exploiting themes straight out of German romanticism?

'Fly' is just weird, and not in a good way - attempt at grittiness that doesn't sit with me too well.

'Secret Door' is all fine and dandy until you pay attention to the lyrics, which are about a knight's and his bride's first wedding night. Not recommended for listening around children, as Jarkko enunciates the words very clearly. A friend of mine refers to it as 'the butt-love song' and the words 'magical wild horse' are strung together. I only wish I was kidding.

When you recover from that shock, you'll run into the Eurovision-ready 'We Are One' and the wonderful Slavic ballad 'Green Fields' with a sweet little twist near the end.

In Summary

'Difference' has a share of downright awkward tracks, so it cannot rise above 'good', but the rest of the album certainly has its charms.

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