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ARTIST: Guardian
ALBUM: Fire And Love
LABEL: Pakaderm
SERIAL: 7012505265
YEAR: 1990

LINEUP: Jamie Rowe - lead vocals * Tony Palacios - guitars, backing vocals * David Bach - bass, backing vocals * Karl Ney - drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Power Of Love * 02 Send A Message * 03 Time Stands Still * 04 Forever And A Day * 05 Takin' On The World * 06 Fire And Love * 07 Turnaround * 08 Time And Time Again * 09 The Rain * 10 Never Say Goodbye

WEBLINKS: | Guardian FB Page


Some will remember these blokes as being Christian melodic rockers from the late 80's based out of El-Lay. They were a very decent band, that came from an era of Christian rock/metal overload. So many bands came out of this scene, some were good, many were not.

One thing a lot of them had in common was solid production values. I don't think I ever heard a badly produced CCM or rock album. In Guardian's case, they had the guiding hands of John and Dino Elefante of the Pakaderm Group. 'Fire And Love' was the band's second album, Guardian forming in 1989 and releasing their debut 'First Watch' to good acclaim.

The Songs

Musically they remind me of a Christian version of Adriangale, and that's to be expected, as lead singer Jamie Rowe is the singer of that band too. On this CD, the songs are solid and memorable.

The vocal harmonies have the Elefante trademark all over them, but to be fair, it always helps when the entire band are all capable on backing vocals. The lead vocals from Rowe (as always) are exemplary, while Tony Palacios is an absolute magician on lead guitar.

Highlights across the album are numerous, but if I had to pick a handful, then the first three of 'Power Of Love', 'Send A Message' and the anthem-ballad 'Time Stands Still' are all killer. Then again, the Firehouse styled ballad 'Forever And A Day' and the hair-metal rocker 'Turnaround' are bound to attract attention too.

In Summary

Guardian hung around until the mid-late 90's, with further releases on both Pakaderm and Myrrh. The band are still together, all the members living in around the Nashville area of Tennessee. Their last album was 2014's 'Almost Home', so maybe it's time for another album. Come on chaps, Get back into the studio.


Send A Message

Power Of Love

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