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ARTIST: Skagarack
ALBUM: Big Time
LABEL: CMC Records
SERIAL: 24007-2
YEAR: 1993
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LINEUP: Torben Schmidt - lead and backing vocals, production * Allan Gade - guitars * Steen Boel - keyboards, production * Jens Brockhoff - bass * Lars Daugaard - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 It's Never Too Late * 02 Ain't You Got A Mother * 03 Somebody Like Me * 04 I Want You * 05 Hold You, Love You, Give You * 06 Edge Of Illusion * 07 Hold On Just One More Time * 08 Wonder If You Really Know * 09 Big Time * 10 It's Never Too Late (Version 2)

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Here's the final installment from Danish melodic rockers Skagarack. After a three studio album deal with Medley Records cam to its conclusion in 1990, the band signed on for one more effort, this one: 'Big Time' on CMC Records.

Jeff Duran has written all the other reviews, so it seemed a good idea to close off their discography once and for all.

I think most Scandi fans from the glory daze era would agree that 'Big Time' is not as AOR as the pure pristine snow, but there are enough big splashes of keyboards and glorious guitar fills to make it more than interesting.


The Songs

'It's Never Too Late' the opener is a remembrance song of old boys getting together after many years. An OK start.

Things get hot rockin' with 'Ain't You Got A Mother', a song about a woman who sounds like a whole lotta trouble.

'Somebody Like Me' is the track that will most likely appeal to Glory Daze readers with an appealing chorus filled with lush keyboards accompanied by the obligatory big guitar runs.

'I Want You' is dominated by a chorus that gnaws away, the song itself a racy affair.

'Hold You, Love You, Give You' shifts things into anthem territory, where things liven toward the end.

'Edge Of Illusion' opts for a different approach, something akin to fellow Danes DE5 with its Toto like shuffle.

'Hold On Just One More Time' is another very likeable anthem but the Coup de grace is the sole ballad 'Wonder If You Really Know' even after all these years this is still a piece of wonderment, I'm getting chills listening to this as I'm writing it up. Yep, it's that good.

The title track 'Big Time' finishes things with a boisterous flurry, everything coming together in a collision of sound, just to ensure the Skagarack story ends with a big time finish.

In Summary

The album was remastered and reissued in 2012, and you can find a copy somewhere on the Internet, or check out the songs on YouTube or via a streaming links service (as below).

This completes the Skagarack discography on the Glory Daze Library, at least for all their albums released up to mid 2020. If Mr Schmidt and company decide to release new material into the future, then we'll be only too glad to add to the list.

Streaming Links

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Somebody Like Me

Wonder If You Really Know

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