Fairchild - 1982 Shadowland

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ARTIST: Fairchild
ALBUM: Shadowland
YEAR: 1982


LINEUP: Tom Riopelle - guitars, vocals * Mark Steele - drums, percussion * Brian Kinney - vocals, keyboards * Palmer Harbison - keyboards, vocals * Richard Wieser - bass, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Paradise In Room 1022 * 02 Radio Radio * 03 Struck By Lightning * 04 Right Track * 05 All Of The Promises * 06 Shadowland * 07 Without A Fight * 08 Today Is The Day * 09 Say Goodbye


After a four year hiatus and a number of changes in band personnel (only Tom Riopelle and Richard Wieser remained from the original line-up) Fairchild returned with 'Shadowland' and their eyes firmly planted in the direction of US FM radio.

With all the fuss that has been made about their pompous debut, Fairchild's second album 'Shadowland' tends to be somewhat overlooked, although it definitely merits attention from any discerning fan of melodic rock.

This time around Fairchild adopted a bright and breezy FM radio rock approach with pop sensibilities, with much more memorable songs as a result.

Indeed guitarist Tom Riopelle puts in a lively performance throughout, but don't expect any bone crunching riffs though. His guitarwork is there mainly to lend colour and backbone to the songs, rather than as a dominating presence.

The Songs

The band state their intent with the sprightly opener 'Paradise In Room 1022' with it's bombastic throw-away chorus. Try this for size, 'Paradise in room 1022, making love is all I want to do, take my hand we can break all the rules'. Hmmm, I assume Tom Riopelle didn't spend hours dreaming up those lyrics!

There's more of the same with 'Struck By Lightning' and 'Right Track', however side one closer, the ballad 'All Of The Promises', does hint at former glories.

The title cut is the nearest they come to rocking out, a mean and moody little number where Tom Riopelle lets fly with a fine guitar solo.

'Without A Fight' and 'Today Is The Day' pick up where 'Right Track' left off on side one, and the album closes with another ballad, the poignant 'Say Goodbye'.

In Summary

The band would return in 1985 for their final hit out, released on the Gold Mountain label, however it has proved very elusive to track down.

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