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ARTIST: Jupiter
ALBUM: Radio Rock 'N' Roll
LABEL: Polydor
SERIAL: 837 222-1
YEAR: 1988
CD REISSUE: 2016, Leyenda Records (Spain), LYR 030 CD


LINEUP: Narci L. Tercero - vocals * Javier Ponce - guitar * José Barta - keyboards (although Guillermo Pascual is credited) * José Rubio - bass * Carlos León - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Deudas * 02 Rock 'N' Roll * 03 Amante Del Rock * 04 Pagarás Mi Amor * 05 Voy A Por Ti * 06 Radio Rock 'N' Roll * 07 Córtate * 08 Vuelve [bonus track] * 09 Insocial * 10 Chica De Fuego * 11 Deudas (demo) [bonus track] * 12 Radio Rock 'N' Roll (demo) [bonus track] * 13 Chica De Fuego (demo) [bonus track] * 14 Vuelve (demo) [bonus track]

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From the ashes of heavy metal band Goliath and with the addition of singer Narciso López Tercero (Babel), Jupiter was born in early 1986.

Hailing from Madrid, their self-titled full-length debut album saw the light in 1987, containing strong tracks such as 'Suspenso En Amor'.

Jupiter signed with PolyGram (currently Universal) and, after listening to a demo, John Eden (Status Quo, Nazareth, Graham Bonnet) agreed to record and produce the band at Brook House Studios in Drinkstone, England, for their sophomore.

Carlos León replaced Juan J. García on drums, who had played on the debut.

We've already reviewed Spanish AOR bands the likes of Sangre Azul, Niagara and Hiroshima here at GDM. Released by a major label, 'Radio Rock 'N' Roll' fits into the same league.

The Songs

The 1988 issue and its 2016 CD reissue have a different song order. We'll be reviewing the reissue tracklist as it includes one song intended for the original release plus four demos as bonus tracks.

This is funny, playful keyboard-driven AOR. However, the guitar work is highly remarkable as it is Narci's at times operatic-driven performance.

'Deudas' tells the hilarious story of a rather lovely swindler and it's irresistibly catchy beyond belief. Although heavy on keyboard parps, the guitar solo recalls the best of Mike Slamer during his Streets tenure.

What started as a simple jam in the studio ended up as part of the album, at Eden's suggestion, in the form of 'Rock 'N' Roll', a lively boogie that hints at Boston's 'Smokin'.

We need more cowbell, and 'Amante Del Rock' delivers with a track that comes off sounding like Poison and features a galloping, early 1980's-like chorus of Pomp Rock proportions.

Seems like 'Pagarás Mi Amor' was molded after 'The Final Countdown' with its signature keyboard riff, percussive guitar and soaring chorus.

'Voy A Por Ti' and 'Córtate' recall early Shy and Airrace, both uptempo with prominent keys, fun lyrics and utterly melodic.

The title track is the kind of 1980's Hard Rock that borders on Pomp Rock, vivacious and pacy; while the keyboard-driven ballad 'Vuelve', a song that had been dropped from the album's tracklist in the last minute, is almost Pop in conception.

'Insocial' depicts the lonely life of a street musician with its harmonized guitars while the sparkling 'Chica De Fuego' is another keyboard and chorus fest.

The 2016 CD remaster includes four demos that supposedly were the ones Eden checked before producing the album. They show not only how well rehearsed the band was but also the added value of Eden's live in the studio production method.

In Summary

A fantastic album for fans of fun-driven AOR, sung in Spanish yet fully understandable by non-native speakers AOR fans through the universal language that is music.

Harsh, unfounded criticism from local media resulted in lack of response from audiences back in the day, and ultimately led to frustration and the band's breakup shortly after 'Radio Rock 'N' Roll's release.

Jupiter returned in 2018 with this lineup (minus guitarist Javier Ponce, who sadly passed away in 2003) with a gig as part of that year's 'Leyendas Del Rock' Spanish festival, and are still a going concern to date.

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Pagaras Mi Amor

Chica De Fuego

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