Hollies, The - 1983 What Goes Around


ARTIST: Hollies, The
ALBUM: What Goes Around
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: 80076-1
YEAR: 1983
CD REISSUE: 2001, Wounded Bird, WOU 8076


LINEUP: Graham Nash - vocals * Allan Clarke - vocals * Tony Hicks - vocals, guitars * Bobby Elliott - drums

Guests: Paul Bliss, Mike Batt - keyboards, synthesizers

TRACK LISTING: 01 Casualty * 02 Take My Love And Run * 03 Say You'll Be Mine * 04 Something Ain't Right * 05 If The Lights Go Out * 06 Stop In The Name Of The Game * 07 I Got What You Want * 08 Just One Look * 09 Someone's Elses Eyes * 10 Having A Good Time * 11 Musical Pictures


Much fanfare surrounded the return of Graham Nash into the Hollies fold after a 15-year absence in 1983.

Although Bernie Calvert's absence here theoretically disqualifies this as a true reunion of the 'classic' Hollies line-up, the 'What Goes Around' album and subsequent North American tour featured Nash, Alan Clarke, Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott.

Although there are no songwriting contributions by The Hollies, their trademark vocal blend and updated sound makes this worthy of reinvestigation.

The Songs

Again the two and three part harmonies beloved by Hollies fans are in full force here - with Tony Hicks still getting in some stirring licks in here and there.

The production has an AOR sheen which may of turned off some Hollies purists, but will delight many here at Glory Daze.

At the time of this release, some hippy dippy reviewers expressed disappointment that the songs were written by outsiders, not the classic 'Clarke-Nash-Hicks' combo.

Who really cares IMO, when you get an opener like 'Casualty'. Synths accentuate this fine crafted ditty with a Huge AOR chorus to boot.

'Take My Love And Run' is just as strong and again bless us with tasty synths from Paul Bliss and Mike Batt, who not only provided over half of the songs here, but are responsible for this album's energetic, contemporary sound.

This heavy synth sound is prevalent on the next cut 'Say You'll Be Mine' which has a Laura Branigan 'Gloria' like vibe to it - but unfortunately meanders a bit for my tastes. Thankfully 'Something Ain't Right' gets us back on track with Clarke sounding better than ever.

'If The Lights Go Out' harks back to The Hollies circa 1971 with a message of peace and hope for the Reagan youth of the times. The synth patterns here are to die for which makes the slightly silly lyrics work.

The Supremes cover 'Stop In The Name Of Love' follows and is probably one of the weaker cuts here IMO. If anything, it creates a fine venue for the distinctive voices of the group. 'I Got What You Want' is typical of AOR of the day, fluttering keys and infectious chorus - with a killer refrain.

The band's updated version of 'Just One Look' (which had been a Top Ten hit two decades prior) is passable but it's the vocal arrangement and delivery on the ballad 'Someone Else's Eyes' which is the strongest moment on the disc. Tender, breathtaking, melodic bliss indeed.

The Hollies kick into high AOR gear for the album's foot stomping closer 'Having A Good Time'. In terms of sheer vocal power, few can pull it off like The Hollies (with Nash).

The Wounded Bird re-issue included the 'Stop In the Name Of Love' B-Side 'Musical Pictures'. Another ballad not on the level of 'Someone Else's Eyes' but not far off though. Good stuff.

In Summary

'What Goes Around' spawned a US Top 40 hit with the aforementioned Supremes' 'Stop In The Name Of Love', which reached #29 in 1983, A live album featuring the Clarke-Hicks-Elliott-Nash regrouping, 'Reunion', followed that same year.

The Hollies still tour with two original members, Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott. After Clarke's retirement in 1999, he was replaced by Carl Wayne, former lead singer of The Move. Wayne only recorded one song with The Hollies, 'How Do I Survive', the last (and only new) track on the 2003 Greatest Hits.

After his unfortunate death from cancer in August 2004, Carl was replaced by Peter Howarth. Howarth's vocals were one of the many highlights on 2006's 'Staying Power' (also reviewed here at Glory Daze), The Hollies' first new studio album since 'What Goes Around'. Both are recommended for fans of well crafted AOR.

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