Dream Theater - 2006 Score [DVD]


ARTIST: Dream Theater
ALBUM: Score [DVD]
LABEL: Warner Music
SERIAL: 0349-71619-2
YEAR: 2006


LINEUP: James LaBrie - vocals * John Petrucci - guitars * Jordan Rudess - keyboards * John Myung - bass * Mike Portnoy - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Root Of All Evil * 02 I Walk Beside You * 03 Another Won * 04 Afterlife * 05 Under A Glass Moon * 06 Innocence Faded * 07 Raise The Knife * 08 The Spirit Carries On * 09 Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence * 10 Vacant * 11 The Answer Lies Within * 12 Sacrificed Sons * 13 Octavarium * 14 Metropolis

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In 2006, Dream Theater were definitely flying on the wings of their dreams. With each album since the turn of the century more acclaimed than the last, and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the band coming in 2005, they naturally wanted to celebrate it with a new DVD, and for it they picked quite an interesting concept to execute.

The Songs

While no one knew what exactly was coming when Dream Theater started off the show with two strong renditions of the hits from their latest album at the time: 'Octavarium', it quickly became clear to them when the huge video screen started displaying the pictures of the band in their infancy and the purple logo proudly showing off their very first name: Majesty.

'Another Won', by far the most upbeat song off their famed demo tapes was played, and the band did a monstrously good job at covering its Iron Maiden meets Rush energy twenty years later, James LaBrie was absolutely brilliant in this, not so easy, task and watching John Myung's fingers gave me motion sickness.

The performances of 'Afterlife' and 'Under A Glass Moon', from their first and second album respectively, rivaled those the band gave live in their 'Images And Words' tour days, and the live performance of 'Innocence Faded', with LaBrie nailing the famous 'apathetic displays' high verse, surprised everyone.

Their pick off the 'Falling Into Infinity' album was an unreleased track, 'Raise The Knife', which objectively killed the momentum of the show a little, and 'The Spirit Carries On' shone in its tearjerking glory.

However, the biggest surprise was yet to come, the second set was kicked off by a performance of their famous title epic off 'Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence', accompanied by a symphonic orchestra, which is probably the band's biggest undertaking yet.

My favourite moment of the evening, however, was the performance of 'Vacant' which tends to bring me to tears, due to the fact you can definitely tell that the song's lyrics were written about James LaBrie's daughter going into a coma for a short period of time judging by the look on the man's face.

Unfortunately, two of the more pedestrian tracks off 'Octavarium' killed the momentum a little before it was time to play the glorious title epic, starting with four minutes of Jordan Rudess playing on his Continuum (the band was fined thirty thousand dollars for going three minutes past the scheduled end of the show, so some of it probably should have been trimmed) and ending with the glorious John Petrucci solo in the 'Razor's Edge' section.

'Metropolis' is the first song where the band's fatigue was showing, but it was a rather satisfactory performance to end the evening with.

In Summary

While a few of the songs on the set-list absolutely should have been replaced, 'Score' is probably Dream Theater's seminal DVD release, and that says a lot for a band who tend to issue a DVD every two to four years.

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