Sonata Arctica - 2006 For The Sake Of Revenge [DVD]


ARTIST: Sonata Arctica
ALBUM: For The Sake Of Revenge [DVD]
LABEL: Spinefarm
YEAR: 2006


LINEUP: Tony Kakko - vocals * Jani Liimatainen - guitars * Henrik Klingenberg - keyboards * Marko Paasikoski - bass * Tommy Portimo - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Intro (Prelude For Reckoning) * 02 Misplaced * 03 Blinded No More * 04 FullMoon / White Pearl, Black Oceans? * 05 Victoria's Secret * 06 Broken * 07 8th Commandment * 08 Shamandalie * 09 Kingdom For A Heart * 10 Replica * 11 My Land * 12 Black Sheep * 13 Sing In Silence / The End Of This Chapter * 14 San Sebastian * 15 The End Of The Keyboard / Sing Along * 16 Gravenimage * 17 Don't Say A Word * 18 The Cage * 19 Vodka..(Hava Nagila) / Sing Along * 20 Outro (Draw Me)

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Probably no one knew at the time, but this DVD highlighted the end of an era. With Sonata reinventing themselves as a dark progressive band and their guitarist Jani's departure only a year after this DVD was released, for many (including me) it represented a nostalgic, rose-coloured window into ages past.

The Songs

The band marched through some warmup performances of two, then-recent, power metal stompers before giving their Japanese audience a nod in the shape of a hit from their breakthrough album, 'Full Moon'.

The performances of 'Victoria's Secret' and 'Broken' were youthfully awkward, full of kinks that needed to be ironed out, especially in terms of vocals, but '8th Commandment' and 'Shamandalie' saw a significant increase in both emotional impact and crowd interaction, and then the show's highlight, consisting of four songs played without even catching a breath or a break, began, and it seemed that the band has finally relaxed, as they immediately started goofing off.

'Kingdom For A Heart', 'My Land' and 'Black Sheep' saw some amusing (and occasionally profane) lyric changes go hand in hand with technically demanding unisons, and during 'Replica' Tony Kakko managed to make the ice-cold Liimatainen crack a smile.

The seemingly moody Henrik Klingenberg managed to last another two songs before smashing his keyboard into pieces on stage - but the man was sick with a fever, so I suppose his actions can be excused.

The mashup of my two favourite Sonata songs, 'Gravenimage' and 'Don't Say A Word', seemingly didn't take the toll on the already tired band, for they pulled off their trademark closer 'The Cage' and the subsequent 'Vodka' singalong (fun fact: Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius once improvised the lyrics for them set to the famous 'Hava Nagila' melody on a celebration of a birthday that happened on their joint tour some five years before they'd started using it as a closer) as if the show had only just begun.

In Summary

While some of the aspects of the band's performance definitely could have been improved at the time, especially in regards to their stamina, the future saw them doing just that.

Some of the aspects of the DVD's production also could have been better, but I guess the occasional amateurishness of it gives it a youthful glow, and is refreshing opposed to these modern-day polished live performances.

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