Crossrode - 1980 Crossrode


ARTIST: Crossrode
ALBUM: Crossrode
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 1980
CD REISSUE: 2008, Crossroad Productions (European Bootleg)


LINEUP: Barry Keel - guitars, vocals * Ricky Turner - guitars * Ken Bolen - bass * Jay Devine - drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Don't Want You No More * 02 Take & Give * 03 Done Me Wrong * 04 Mad Dog * 05 Win Or Lose * 06 Rock'n Roll Good News * 07 Travelin' Man * 08 Hard To Find


Originating from South Carolina, Crossrode are a 4 piece that emerged in the late 70's and released a private pressing, self-titled album in 1980.

Only releasing a few hundred copies, it is now an extreme rarity. I first heard about them a few years back on the Skydog Elysium Blog site and since found out they re-released the debut on CD format in 2008, which I bought from a German website.

While searching for background information about this band (and believe me, there is very little on the net about them), I did find out on another blog site from an anonymous poster, who as it turned out was an original member of the band, stating that the CD was a bootleg.

Upon hearing the album, I was expecting to see a bunch of longhaired, bearded men, holding up a whiskey bottle in one hand. Imagine my surprise to see 4 boys, who don't look old enough to shave, let alone drink on the back cover. But don't let that put you off, because these boys can and do rock.

The Songs

If it's Lynyrd Skynyrd you're after, then look no further as its right here in this slab of vinyl. Kicking off we have 'Don't Want You No More' sounding very much likes an early version of The Black Crowes.

There is some nice twin lead guitar work from Barry Keel and Ricky Turner. In fact the twin guitars are prominent throughout this CD.

'Done Me Wrong' is straight out of the Lynyrd Skynyrd school of hard knocks. In fact the vocals remind me of a young Ronnie Van Zant. 'Maddog' follows on in the Southern vein, with a slightly classic rock edge to it.

'Win Or Lose', 'Rock N Roll Good News' follows and guess what, 'Travelin Man'. Not the Lynyrd Skynyrd nor Bob Seger version but Crossrode version. With some more lead guitar breaks, Ken Bolen (bass) and Jay Devine (drums) hold up the rhythm section with ease.

The final track 'Good Lovin' Is Hard To Find' is the 'Freebird', 'Green Grass And High Tides' epic close-out version. Nearly 10 minutes long and the band crank it out, southern style for the final 4 minutes.

In Summary

1980 and Skynyrd were all but finished, Molly Hatchet were just hitting the ground running and a new phenomenon was happening in the UK, called NWOBHM which changed hard rock as we know it.

This is a very good album, released by a group of extremely talented young men, who by no luck of their own played music that became unfashionable. This is a good CD to have in ones collection, not the best, but definitely not the worst. The production is a bit flat, along with some of the vocals, but without big money behind them, they gave it their best shot.

On a sad note, while doing an Internet search on Crossrode, I came across a small article in The Augusta Chronicle, stating that Ken Bolen had died in 2009. If any members here have any more information on this band, please post it.

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